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dental floss a toothbrush and a yellow eek emojii

PUMPING IRONY: Molars and Mood

By Craig Cox

Can poor oral health lead to anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders? Recent research provides some clues, but nothing to really worry about. Maybe.

Empty shelves in a pharmacy

PUMPING IRONY: Big Pharma and the Vanishing Pharmacy

By Craig Cox

Major drugstore chains are shuttering their outlets at an alarming rate, making it harder for seniors to get their prescriptions. Eli Lilly’s new direct-to-consumer drug service may make matters even worse.

should you take a daily aspirin? And aspirin pill sits on a question mark

PUMPING IRONY: Upon Further Review … New Questions on Aspirin Use

By Craig Cox

In another blow to conventional wisdom, recent research is challenging the long-held belief that a low-dose aspirin regimen may protect healthy seniors from heart attacks and strokes.

a reflection of a woman talking with her doctor

A Clearer View of Heart Disease

By Craig Cox

The coronary artery calcium (CAC) scan can offer a better picture of who should actually take statins. Here’s why.

a senior man looks at supplements

PUMPING IRONY: The New Youth Pill

By Craig Cox

While the longevity industry touts an obscure generic drug as the latest antiaging panacea, even some of its disciples are counseling caution.

colon cancer awareness

Why Is Colon Cancer on the Rise Among Younger Adults?

By Craig Cox

Cases of colorectal cancer are declining among those over 50, but the disease is becoming more prevalent among younger Americans. Prominent functional-medicine physician Gregory Plotnikoff discusses the trend — and offers preventive measures we can all take.

A wheel chair in a nursing home


By Craig Cox

The sudden closure of a Pennsylvania nursing home highlights the postpandemic challenges facing an increasingly troubled industry.

a variety of highly processed snacks

PUMPING IRONY: Junk Food Jeopardy

By Craig Cox

Ultraprocessed foods, which first took hold among my baby boomer compatriots, now make up nearly 60 percent of the average American diet. Some experts say our addiction to this fare is lowering our life expectancy.

a man with a gray beards checks in smart watch

PUMPING IRONY: There’s an App for That — or Is There?

By Craig Cox

Fitness trackers have long been promoted as effective tools for monitoring key health metrics, but seniors have mostly ignored them. Recent research explains why

a tree lined park sidewalk

PUMPING IRONY: The Upside of Outside

By Craig Cox

Can living amid bountiful green space improve a senior’s mental and physical health? New research — and the reemergence of ecotherapy — suggest that spending more time outdoors could make a difference.

unrecognizable female doctor holding graphic virtual visualization model of Liver organ in hands

PUMPING IRONY: Looking for Trouble in All the Wrong Places?

By Craig Cox

While Big Pharma plods along in its search for an Alzheimer’s cure, new research suggests relief for some dementia sufferers may not begin in the brain at all.

a patient meets with a clinician with robotic text over the top

PUMPING IRONY: Dr. Chatbot Will See You Now

By Craig Cox

Artificial intelligence is insinuating itself into our shaky healthcare system despite the warnings of experts who believe it may deliver more harm than help.

a senior man does a bicep curl


By Craig Cox

Mounting research — and the exploits of one extraordinary Irishman — suggest that it’s never too late for seniors to reap the benefits of strength training.

two chairs with a small table in between

PUMPING IRONY: A Generation in Need of Therapy — Again

By Craig Cox

At a time when one in four American seniors are struggling with mental health issues, Medicare has expanded its coverage beyond psychologists and psychiatrists to include more accessible therapists. But will those counselors sign up to provide the services?

a person gets their blood pressure checked?

What Is Hypotension?

By Craig Cox

Hypotension, or low blood pressure, may pose a risk to your health. Here are some signs your blood pressure is dangerously low.

test tubes labeled HDL test

PUMPING IRONY: Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Craig Cox

Recent research suggests that the “good” cholesterol that helps seniors prevent heart attacks and strokes may also raise their risk of developing dementia.


PUMPING IRONY: Where Have All the Geriatricians Gone?

By Craig Cox

At a time when the U.S. population is aging at an unprecedented pace, the number of geriatricians trained to treat older patients is dwindling. Rebuilding that profession may require more than what our healthcare system can muster.

a woman holds a bmi machine's handles

Why BMI Is a Flawed Metric

By Craig Cox

Body mass index (BMI) is not the way to diagnose obesity. Here’s why.

a person holds a black ribbon

PUMPING IRONY: The Hazards of Healing

By Craig Cox

A much-delayed visit with a dermatologist offers some painful lessons about the danger of ignoring “benign” skin cancers — as well as the damage that may result from treating them.

a person stands in a vast maze

PUMPING IRONY: The Medicare Dis-Advantage

By Craig Cox

Hospitals and medical groups across the country are severing ties with Medicare Advantage insurers, leaving seniors scrambling to find new providers that will accept their insurance.

Creative idea. Concept of idea and innovation

PUMPING IRONY: An Antidote for Alzheimer’s?

By Craig Cox

Can lifestyle changes free us from the ravages of dementia? Recent research offers a modicum of hope, but few assurances.

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