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cindy joseph

As a model, you travel a lot for work. You recently started a new business. What are your strategies for keeping your life sane?
I am constantly editing my activities and life, just like I edit my belongings. I try to boil everything down to what I really want. If the stressoverrides the pleasure, I stop. Sometimes, however, challenges bring me pleasure. If I want to do something that does not come easily, I face it and tackle it. Eventually, it becomes easier. I find conquering my dislikes and fears gives me a sense of accomplishment that, in turn, brings me pleasure.

One of my mantras is “Own fewer things!” Fewer belongings make it easier to move around, find things and maintain what I do have. I go through my medicine cabinets, dressers, closets and kitchen cupboards regularly to make sure I am not collecting unnecessary things. When I travel, I bring only what I need, and I emulate that at home, continually reminding myself that I really don’t need much more there than when I travel. When everything I have has a place of its own, putting things back in order becomes incredibly simple — a very basic routine — and that makes tidying up go much faster.

What about personal care?
I get my hair and makeup done many times during the month for my modeling work. So when I have time off, I like to go au naturel. I just don’t want to be bothered. I keep a wash-and-wear haircut, so I don’t have to spend time styling. I may look plain in some people’s eyes, but I like it. It’s real. It’s honest. It makes life much easier and more fun. When I do wear makeup, I keep it really simple and understated. I have a handful of products I use over and over. For the most part, I only keep what I use daily. That takes some discipline. I love beautiful packaging and trying new beauty products. But if I bought everything that attracted my eye, I would have to buy a larger house just to store it all! I also find I appreciate what I use more when I have only what I need. Right now, that’s about a dozen products, max.

Is that minimalist philosophy reflected in BOOM!, your new cosmetics line?
Absolutely. BOOM! ( is just three very simple, portable products that work for everyone — women of all ages, ethnicities and skin colors. These are the basics I personally use every day. They rely on mostly natural ingredients, no parabens or phthalates.

More important, though, is that BOOM! represents a new concept in cosmetics: It’s not anti-age, it’s pro-age. It’s about celebrating the age that you are — whether you’re 20 or 80 — and wearing your character and personality with pride.

I was a makeup artist for 25 years before I was a model, and I know that it doesn’t take that much to bring out our natural beauty — a little color, a little sheen or glow. I’m not interested in covering up my age or fussing with a lot of complicated products designed to make my face look like someone else’s idea of perfection.

An attractive woman is a happy woman who is enjoying herself and celebrating her life, not hiding it. So I designed my products to help your skin look like it naturally does when you’re exhilarated and enjoying yourself — exercising, dancing, laughing, or whatever makes you happy. I think makeup should be about bringing out and celebrating what’s great rather than trying to hide what we’ve been brainwashed into perceiving as our flaws.

There is so much fun to be had in life, I prefer to use my time pursuing activities I enjoy rather than fussing with my appearance. Makeup can be fun, too. As long as we’re playing with it from a place of fun and celebrating what’s good, instead of a place of fear and trying to fix what’s “bad.”

To me, BOOM! is the culmination of a lifetime of learning about what‘s really beautiful — about being yourself, and about living the way you want to live.

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