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A Mindful Approach to the New Year

Instead of focusing on perfection and hard-hitting goals this year, perhaps set an intention to create a life that is happier and more sustainable.

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Enjoy exploring these Experience Life articles created and curated to set yourself on the path to a more authentic and fulfilling life in the New Year.

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Healthy Mindset  |  Daily Practices & Healthy Habits  |  Expanding Yourself  |  Healthy Relationships  |  Relationship With Food  |  Joyful Movement

Establish a Healthy Mindset

Daily Practices & Healthy Habit Formation

man writing in journal

7 Healthy-Living Experts Share Their Go-To Daily Habits

By Emily Ewen

Looking to make a healthy habit change? Take inspiration from Life Time experts and their daily non-negotiables.

Expanding Yourself

a hand brushes across lavendar

How to Dream Big

By Jill Patton, FMCHC

Pursuing your dreams means leaping early and often and making bold moves.

Creating Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

two people hug

How to Build Empathy and Compassion in Your Community

By Jessie Sholl

There’s a big difference between cursory cordiality and true benevolence. Our experts make the case for spreading deep kindness in your community.

people enjoy time around a fire

The Joy of Home Gatherings

By Heidi Losleben

The social equivalent of soul food, cozy home gatherings and small-group entertainments are drawing us closer – to simple pleasures and to each other.

an illustration of a thought bubble breaking off a ledge with two people reaching for each other as though to pull the lower one up

How to Have More Honest Conversations With Your Friends

By Kara Douglass Thom

The surprising ways that honest, authentic dialogue can deepen your friendships.

feet lined up on opposite sides of a thick, white line

How to Navigate a Strained Relationship

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Our differences don’t have to keep us polarized. Try this expert advice for forging unexpected connections.

Creating a Healthier Relationship With Food

a family enjoys time in their kitchen while getting ready for dinner

How to Raise Your Food “Pleasure Quotient”

By Margaret Churchill, M.A.

Expert advise on how to overcome feelings of frustration or shame when it comes to eating.

Joyful Movement

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