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Collect your supplies. 

Visual materials you can cut up (consider magazines, catalogs, photos, and printouts from digital media, including Pinterest)

  • Scissors
  • Gluestick or other adhesive
  • Markers, pens, stamps, or other art supplies
  • Poster board
  • A frame for your completed board (optional)

Start snipping. Trust your eye and your gut. Grab words, images, and phrases that speak to you. An image might represent a big-picture goal or simply capture the way you want your life to feel.

Can’t do it in a single session?  Collect and store your snippets in a file folder or box until you’re ready to start assembling them.

Find a space where you can spread out and your board-assembly process won’t be disturbed: A table, desk, or floor in a non-breezy room where you can shut the door would be ideal. Listen to some inspiring music while you work.

Make it a party. Don’t like working alone? Invite a friend or two to join you. You can share materials and admire each other’s progress.

Get artistic. Arrange, edit, add, embellish, experiment. Glue stuff down once you’re happy with the composition and the central messages.

Find a place to hang your board where you’ll see it often. Consider taking a photo of it with your smartphone so you can carry your visual inspiration with you and print or post mini-copies.

For inspiration and ideas, see “Make a Vision Board“.

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