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How to Stay Well
During the Winter

As winter settles in, you may find yourself feeling rundown, lacking motivation with the shorter days, combating itchy and dry skin, and more. We’ve put together a collection of articles to help you navigate these cold, dark months.

a woman meditating

Body Care  ⋅  Fitness  ⋅ Mental Health   Immunity  ⋅  Get Cozy  ⋅  Healthy Home

Body Care

two heart shaped stones sit in a wooden bowl

How to Gua Sha Your Face and Neck

By Laura (Fogelberg) Lineburg

This ancient massage practice can support your body’s circulation and natural ability to heal.

woman with lotion on her face

How to Keep Winter Skin Well-Hydrated

By Jolene Turner

Expert tips for maintaining moisture in your body’s largest organ — and why it’s vital for general and skin health.


three people run across a snowy scene

How to Stay Fit in Winter

By Elizabeth Millard

Follow Mother Nature’s rhythms to banish workout boredom, stave off injury, and build your fitness.

Mental Health

a man walks by a colorful wall

Want a Mental Health Boost? Take a Walk

By Nicole Radziszewski

Discover how the simple act of walking can help restore your nervous system.

a woman walks in the snow with her dog

Get Outside Every Day

By Experience Life Staff

This year, we’re building healthy habits together. Join us by starting with this One Healthy Habit challenge.

a hand holds a flower in water

NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH: How Using Your Senses Can Improve Your Mental Health

By Henry Emmons, MD

Smell, touch, and sound can help cultivate resilience. Here’s how.

Depressed man leaning against a glass window

The Warning Signs of Depression — and When to Seek Help

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Depression is more common than you might think. Here are some symptoms of depression, as well as new treatments.


a person prepares to take a variety of supplements to support mental health

6 Supplements to Boost Your Immune System

By Mo Perry

Many Americans are deficient in micronutrients, which can drag down immunity. These six supplements can help you rebuild your immune system.

Assortment of supplements and foods to boost immunity.

Boost Your Immune System: Tips for Nutrition, Supplements, and More

Season 1, Episode 15

Get advice from Tom Nikkola, vice president of nutrition and virtual training at Life Time, about the eating and lifestyle choices that can compromise immunity, as well as how we can optimize our nutrition to help build this system. Plus, he shares some bonus tips for exercise and sleep.

Listen >
a woman stretches outside

5 Everyday Habits to Build Your Immunity

By Experience Life Staff

A Life Time nutritionist shares the five keys to boosting your immune health.

Get Cozy

a mug with a steaming beverage sits in front of a snowy window

8 Cozy Winter Drinks

By Experience Life Staff

The days are short and cool, but these beverages will be sure to warm you up.

cozy setting of a person reading

18 Ways to Find Hygge

By Laine Bergeson Becco

Slow down and create an environment of warmth and coziness, Danish-style.

Healthy Home

a small green plant in a brightly lit, white room

11 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

By Kim Syrios

Simple steps to clear the air inside your house.

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