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Learn more about the importance of mobility at any age by exploring the following articles and exercises to improve mobility in your hips, ankles, shoulders, and elsewhere.

Full Body  ⋅  Shoulders   ⋅   Back   ⋅   Hips   ⋅   Ankles & Feet

Full Body

a woman sits on a yoga mat with her legs extended in front and arms out to the side

The Stretching and Mobility Workout

By Andrew Heffernan
This head-to-toe routine will stretch your muscles, mobilize your joints, and leave you feeling fantastic in five minutes flat.
a man holds a kettlebell while standing front of a padded box

6 Exercises to Help You Get Down on the Floor — and Up off the Floor – With Ease

By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Have you done a sit-stand test? The ability to get up off the floor with minimal support is a marker of longevity. Practice these moves to improve flexibility, balance, motor coordination, and muscle power.


a man holds his shoulder

Exercises for Shoulder Pain: Learn How to Keep Your Shoulders Mobile and Strong

By Lauren Bedosky
Increasing mobility and strength in your shoulders can eliminate pain, improve athletic performance, and enhance your overall quality of life.


a woman holds bird dog

8 Moves to Boost Back Resiliency

By Andrew Heffernan
Relieve your sore spine with these accessible exercises.
a woman holds bridge pose with a weight held overhead

6 Exercises for a Healthy Spine

By Lauren Bedosky
Your spine is the literal backbone of your body, playing a key role in how well you move. These six exercises can help keep it strong, mobile, and healthy.
a man performs a glute bridge with his heels on a foam roller

Exercises for Lower-Back Pain

By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Lower-back pain might get you down, but it doesn't have to take you out. This program can keep you moving to come back stronger than ever.
a man performs the triangle

4 Rotational Stretches to Ease Back Tension

By Andrew Heffernan
Rotate your spine safely — and reduce back tension — with these four stretches.


anatomy of hip muscles

Why Your Hips Matter

By Lauren Bedosky
Hip problems can affect your lower back, knees, ankles, and feet. Here's why.

Ankles & Feet

Calf smash for ankle mobility

3 Ankle-Mobility Exercises

By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Three drills to loosen up your ankles and their kinetic chain.
a foot rolling out on a tennis ball

6 Stretches for Sore Feet

By Karla Walsh, NASM-CPT, AFAA
Relieve foot pain with these six simple stretches.
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