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By Tess Walter
Remember those resolutions you made six months ago? Maybe you'd rather not. But why forgive and forget when you can fix and forge ahead? We'll show you how.
By Gary Legwold
People keep harping about how hideous sugar is for your health. Can it really be as bad as they say?
measuring cups filled with ingredients
By Andrew Zimmern
Recipe retrofitting is one way to cut back on unwanted sugars and fats. But it's not always your best strategy for healthier eating.
By Elizabeth Larsen
Every body is unique, and yet most eating plans promise results for everyone. Sure, you want to eat right, but what's right for you?
By Bob Beale
There's a whole universe of bacteria and fungi inside your body, particularly in your intestinal tract. The good news? A lot of them are your friends.
By Pilar Gerasimo
Designing your best self takes vision. Becoming your best self takes guts. Here's how to do both — with confidence.
By Catherine Guthrie
Your body is your most valuable piece of personal property. Shouldn't you be the one in charge of keeping it safe and sound?
a pan with a whole roasted chicken and green beans being pulled from an oven
By Andrew Zimmern
Pumped with chemicals and raised in cramped quarters, most supermarket chickens these days are a sad joke. But don't despair! You can still rustle up an old-fashioned chicken dinner that is delicious, nutritious and totally satisfying!
By Elizabeth Larsen
10 reasons to celebrate (and ways to get even happier in the process).
colorful squash
By Andrew Zimmern
Don't turn up your nose at this venerable vegetable. It's one of the season's most lovable delights!
Healing Foods
By Dennis Cass
Look closely into the complex implications of making the world your supermarket, and you'll likely gain a new appreciation for the advantages of eating closer to home.
Below are some of the tests that Dr. Gregory Tefft and other individualized-nutrition experts suggest will show you the best picture of your current genetic and nutritional reality.
An emerging field of nutritional research dubbed “nutrigenomics” focuses on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioadditives with the human genome during transcription, translation and expression (the processes by which proteins encoded by the genome are produced and, for better or for worse, do their thing).
By Dennis Cass
Hello, happy go-lucky shopper! Don’t you just love being able to grab what you need right off the shelf of your local supermarket? Isn’t it great not to have to worry about where it came from or how it got there?
Here are a few sites where you can find out more about personalized nutrition, personalized medicine, nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics:
By Jeremy Hunter
When it comes to our pursuit of goals and accomplishments, the source of our motivation may dictate the force of our efforts.
By Robert Crayhon
On my radio show I give out an award called the “Wish You Were Here Award.” It is an award given to people who are so far off in their understanding of nutrition that they are sent a postcard with a picture of the earth on one side with the phrase “Wish You Were Here” written on the back.
Vitamin bottle
By the Experience Life Team
Yes, you should probably be taking a multi, but how do you decide which one?
By John Rosengren
Dangerous, benign, helpful, harmful? Here's the scoop on one of the most controversial herbs around.
a variety of mushrooms on a rustic cutting board
By Andrew Zimmern
There's some fungus among us. Don't get grossed out - eat up.
By Jane Alexander
Ever wonder how much toxic sludge your body is carting around? If you want to be healthy, fit, and bursting with energy, it's time you learned a little about detoxification and internal cleansing.
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