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By Linda Knittel
Do you look to sugar and caffeine for a lift? Need 'em to get through the day? Here's why these well-known stimulants may be more than your system can handle.
By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
Star chef Anthony Bourdain on why the power lunch of yesterday is dead, and why a more satisfying and expressive dining trend deserves to live.
By Matt Fitzgerald
They're hard to follow and easy to hate. Research suggests that most diets backfire in the long run, and some can even be hazardous to your health. Yet for some people, diets deliver decent results. So what gives? We explore what really makes diets effective when they do work — and what's to blame when they don't.
By the Experience Life Team
Ready to have your best year ever? Two of the country's top coaches weigh in with advice on getting liftoff for the next phase of your life.
a board with Amino Acids written on it
By Victoria Freeman
More people than ever are medicating for mood disorders, but there may be a more natural approach that's just as effective.
Thanksgiving stuffing
By Andrew Zimmern
Forget the cream of mushroom soup and onion crisps. These rustic dishes will jazz up your main course and have guests coming back for guilt-free seconds.
By Pilar Gerasimo
The questions we ask can lead us down paths of discovery and delight, or down corridors of doom and gloom. Which road are you taking?
By Linda Formichelli
What you eat (and what you don't) can have a powerful influence on how well you sleep.
By Experience Life Staff
What your dreams may be telling you – and how to get it in writing.
a beautiful Thanksgiving spread
By Andrew Zimmern
This holiday season, consider breaking with your supermarket-turkey ritual. Opt instead for an older tradition – a heritage bird.
food fright
By Kim Erickson
The food industry has turned out some scary stuff in recent decades, but that doesn't mean you have to stand quaking in your kitchen. Here's how to take the fear out of your food choices — and put common sense back in.
By David Schimke
Faced with an important task, it's not uncommon to come up against a wall of resistance. In The War of Art, author Steven Pressfield tells you how to break through.
By Karen Cicero
Want to feed your family right? Start at the supermarket. This eight-week guide provides the shopping know-how you need to give your cart a healthful overhaul — without facing a mutiny from your family.
a person empties a bag of freshly picked apples into a crate
By Andrew Zimmern
It's apple season. What better way to celebrate than by making family-friendly apple dishes with your children?
broccoli or vitamins?
By Linda Knittel
Reduced-carb diets are helping millions of people lose excess weight. But what's right for some adults may be all wrong for their children.
By Catherine Guthrie
Some aging factors are beyond our control, but one of the biggest — inflammation — needn't be. Here's how you can extinguish the flames of chronic inflammation before they ignite.
a plate filled with raw foods
By Andrew Zimmern
Living foods provide your body with the very best raw materials for greater energy, vitality and mental clarity.
seeds surround a wooden bowl
By Matt Fitzgerald
Get the latest on these cholesterol-lowering compounds — and learn the best ways to get an extra helping.
a person preparing to cook fish over a grill
By Andrew Zimmern
Want to get excited about outdoor cooking? Grill some fresh fish.
green smoothie
By Michelle Gagnon
How healthy are these health drinks, really? Find out what makes a smoothie worth drinking — and what might make some smoothies worth rethinking.
By Gretchen Reynolds
Clear thinking, moist skin, healthy kidneys, and bountiful energy — they all depend on an adequate daily intake of water. Are you getting enough liquids? And if you work out, are you getting the right kind? Find out why you should look before you gulp.
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