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an adult and child's hands cradle a small plant in dirt

Good Green News

By Experience Life Staff

There’s so much bad news surrounding climate change that it often eclipses the positive achievements we’re making.

a hill with windmills and green industry icons floating around

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

By Michael Dregni

Try these three free online calculators to find out.

a water bottle in a reusable tote bag

5 of Our Favorite Reusable Water Bottles

By Experience Life Staff

Looking to stay hydrated? Try one of these five reusable water bottles, including one that filters tap water on the spot.

a couple does the laundry

7 Tips for Conserving Clothing

By Katie Dohman

Stop fast fashion in its tracks by preserving what’s already in your closet.

various soap and lotion dispensers

How Do Parabens in Personal-Care Products Affect My Health?

By Jessie Sholl

Learn what parabens are and how to avoid them.

an array of beauty products

How the Ingredients in Personal-Care Products Can Affect Your Health

By Jessie Sholl

Many of the most popular personal-care items contain toxins that can mess with your health. Here are ingredients to avoid — and tips for finding worthy alternatives.

a array of colorful high heel shoes

4 Ways to Put the Brakes on Ultrafast Fashion

By Katie Dohman

Industry insiders offer tips on how to make your style more sustainable.

a row of glass spice jars filled with colorful spices

Our Favorite Sustainable Spices

By Experience Life Staff

High-quality, fair-trade seasonings that make everything taste better.

Bahram Akradi, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life.

The Greater Whole

By Bahram Akradi

When there are choices that are good for us and the broader system, there is a collective opportunity for more significant change.

a variety of makeup products

What’s In Your Makeup?

By Molly Tynjala

It’s hard to know. Why? Federal rules regulating the cosmetic industry have not been updated for more than 80 years.

a small green plant in a brightly lit, white room

11 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

By Kim Syrios

Simple steps to clear the air inside your house.

Christine Platt

The Liberation of Less: Christine Platt

By Courtney Helgoe

For the author, advocate, and Afrominimalist, there’s more than one way to live a simpler life.

a serene ocean scene

7 Ways to Support the Great Lakes

By Heidi Wachter

Take these simple actions to help support the Great Lakes and waterways across the globe.

The Splitrock Lighthouse in Minnesota

How Climate Change Is Affecting the Great Lakes — and What You Can Do About It

By Heidi Wachter

The Great Lakes are critical to our environment, cultures, and economy — and even our spiritual lives. But they are under threat on many fronts. Here’s how you can help.

a woman wearing headphones

Loud and Louder

By Karen Bannan

From quiet to deafening, here are average decibel levels for everyday sounds in the world around us.

two sets of feet with hiking boots overlooking a mountain lake

The Nature Cure

By Molly Tynjala

Learn how going outdoors can help ease depression and hypertension and improve resiliency and immunity.

Bahram Akradi, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life.

Plastics: The Beginning of the End

By Bahram Akradi

For the good of our planet and our health, it’s time to rethink our habits around single-use plastics.

jars filled with various fruits and vegetables

How to Can Fruits and Vegetables

By Robin Asbell

Canning is making a comeback. Preserve your summer and fall produce like a pro with these beginner recipes.

hands hold dirt with a small plant

Why Environmental Health Is Human Health

By Courtney Helgoe

The health of the planet and of humans is one and the same.

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