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bottles filled with colorful liquid with plain white label

Who Owns Your Healthy Food?

By Kaelyn Riley
Here are the five Big Food conglomerates that own some of your favorite "natural" or organic brands.
a person picks up a chicken

The CAFO Conundrum

By Heidi Wachter
Modern feedlots produce plentiful and inexpensive meat — but at what cost to environmental and human health?
a shopper looks at a label on a food product

Are Expiration Labels on Food Accurate?

By Heidi Wachter
What do "Sell By," "Use By," and "Best Before" labels actually mean? We break it down.
overhead view of a long kitchen table filled with plates of uneaten food with chairs pushed away

What You Can Do About Food Waste

By Heidi Wachter
A full third of the global food supply ends up in the trash. Learn how you can help turn this problem around.
a beautiful display of laundry items

5 of Our Favorite Sustainable Laundry Products

By Experience Life Staff
Here's how to clean clothes with less waste.
A showerhead turned on with water coming out.

Going Green

By Emily Ewen
From reducing plastic to conserving energy and water, Life Time continues to make improvements to its clubs and facilities with the planet in mind — and you can help too.
a person fills a glass with water at the kitchen sink

Are There Drugs in Your Tap Water?

By Heidi Wachter
Pharmaceutical pollution is becoming a growing concern for human health. Learn what you can do to help.
Bahram Akradi, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life.

It Starts With the Soil

By Bahram Akradi
One of the solutions to the global climate crisis is right under our feet.
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