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a mom sprays her son's ankles with bug spray while walking through the woods

How Climate Change is Contributing to the Spread of Vector-Borne Illnesses — and How to Protect Yourself

By Mo Perry

As a result of climate change and expanding urban development, vector-borne illnesses and infections, which are transmitted through ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas, are becoming more common. These diseases pose a serious threat to human health. Learn more.

a person prepares to plant a tree

How to Plant a Tree

By Michael Dregni

Tree-planting advice from native-plant expert Lynn Steiner.

a swampy area

How Clean Is Treated Wastewater?

By Craig Cox

Think the water that goes down your toilet or drain and out to our waterways is sufficiently treated? Think again.

collage of climate related photos

How Climate Change Affects Your Health — and How to Build Resilience

By Mo Perry

Extreme weather and other climate conditions are affecting our bodies and minds. Discover strategies to build resilience.

a person holds a seedling with a a root base of dirt

Make the World a Better Place: Plant a Tree!

By Michael Dregni

Trees clean the air, battle the climate crisis, and do so much more for the planet. Planting one is a simple way to take action.

a city sky line with smog

PUMPING IRONY: Every Breath You Take

By Craig Cox

While air quality nationwide has improved markedly since the turn of the century, recent research highlights the cognitive damage that even low levels of pollution can exact on the aging brain.

people sit on a bench looking at a variety of digital devises

What Is Your Digital Carbon Footprint?

By Michael Dregni

An exploration into the hidden eco-costs of our digital lifestyles — and what we can do about it.

a photo collage of a cow in a petri dish

What is Biocultivated Meat?

By Michael Dregni

Faux meat, alt-meat, clean meat, and in vitro meat are all terms being used to describe this lab-grown product. Proponents believe it could feed the world. Others are doubtful. Learn more.

a child colors an earth on a large green poster board

How to Talk With Kids About Climate Change

By Jill Patton, FMCHC

Kids are vulnerable to climate anxiety. Here’s how to talk to them about what climate change might mean for their lives.

people riding a chair lift

How to Make Your Ski Vacation More Environmentally Friendly

By Michael Dregni

Downhill skiing and snowboarding are environmentally expensive sports. Can they become more sustainable?

a river lined with trees

MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius Grant’ Winner Robin Wall Kimmerer Talks About Connecting With Nature

By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

The world is a gift, says botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, and we can accept it with gratitude and reciprocity.

cauliflower plant

What Is Upcycled Food?

By Jazz Ward

Upcycled foods are made from imperfect foods that would have otherwise found their way to a food-waste destination.

a gas range

What Is the Impact of Natural Gas on Human Health?

By Jazz Ward

A 2022 study found that 95% of homes tested had low but potentially harmful levels of chemicals like benzene.

a loan canoe sits on a low level of sand on a retreating lake

6 Strategies to Cope With Climate-Change Anxiety

By Jill Patton, FMCHC

Here’s how to move beyond fear, overwhelm, and anger — and respond with your emotional well-being intact.

a person pours a glass of water

5 of Our Favorite Water Filters

By Experience Life Staff

Quench your thirst with these filters for at home and on the go.

images of farmers and laborers

What Is Food Justice?

By Lola Méndez

Why access to fresh, healthy food should be a basic human right.

a man cleans his carpet

DIY Carpet Cleaner

By Molly Tynjala

Got stains? Learn how to remove them with nontoxic items you probably have on hand.

Fitness floor with light pouring in through windows

Greener Health Clubs

By Experience Life Staff

With a focus on a reduction in energy usage, water consumption, and waste, Life Time is prioritizing sustainability across its athletic country clubs.

Kristen Bell and Experience Life magazine

Saved By the Bell: Kristen Bell

By Claire Connors

Actor, Singer, activist, entrepreneur, and now children’s-book author Kristen Bell wants to save the world — or at least make it a better place for all.

woman working on her computer sitting in chair

6 Ways Life Time Work Is Going Green

By Emily Ewen

From reducing plastic to conserving energy, learn about the sustainability efforts happening at every Life Time Work location.

a person carries groceries in a mesh shopping bag

What’s Your Diet’s Carbon Footprint?

By Michael Dregni

And did you know choosing a serving of peas instead of asparagus can result in a 48 percent decrease in water use?

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