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Notebook, coffee, head shot of Kate Larsen
By Kate Larsen
Looking to make some positive changes in your life? Certified professional life coach Kate Larsen shows you how. Apply her four-step system to your personal and career goals — and prepare to discover some interesting things about yourself in the process.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
How Gabrielle Bernstein transformed herself from party girl to meditation guide, motivational speaker and author.
By Experience Life Staff
Maryanne O'Brien on living in the gift of the present.
By Experience Life Staff
Maryanne O'Brien's exercise helps provide 20/20 hindsight we often wish we had (and quite often do).
By Brian Johnson
Managing your time is important, but learning to manage your energy may be even more critical to your satisfaction and success.
hange ahead sign on the highway
By Jessie Sholl
Two prominent researchers share a step-by-step plan that can help you break through old patterns, and finally make the shifts that matter.
secrets illustration
By Jessie Sholl
Whether it’s hidden debt or a family skeleton, carrying around secrets can take a heavy toll on your happiness. Here are real-life stories that show how coming clean can set you free.
An illustration of an eye.
By Erin Peterson
What you put your attention on grows. Here’s how to train your focus on what matters.
By Brian Johnson
Life-changing insights from Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic book of Toltec wisdom.
thought leaders
By Andi McDaniel
Never underestimate the impact of a few provocative questions — and the surprising answers they may yield.
hands holding mugs across a table from each other
By Jon Spayde
Voicing your opinions can be uncomfortable. Here's how to speak your mind when it counts. 
people laughing in conference room
By Michael Gelb
Enjoying humor and engaging in laughter have serious—and positive—consequences for our health, happiness and chances for success. Here’s the lowdown on laughter and how you can trigger its practical benefits in your own life.
close up hand pointing
By Courtney Helgoe
We all succumb to finger pointing from time to time, but targeting others rarely produces good results. Here’s how you can move from fault-finding to empowered problem solving.
work scene
By Sarah Moran
Master the art of asking for what you want, and you’re a lot more likely to get the things that really matter.
By Colby Johnson
Trying to please everybody all the time can result in a life lived in half measures. Learning to say no can bring you new focus and fulfillment.
Two women hugging
By Anjula Razdan
“Fight or flight” may be seen as the traditional choice when faced with stress, but your real response may depend on your gender.
By Julie Hanus
Jealousy is a feeling that few of us welcome. But by noticing the messages that underlie our jealous feelings, we stand to discover a great deal about ourselves – and the unrecognized desires that may be trying to get our attention.
a woman holds hands in prayer position with the sunsetting behind her
By Karen Olson
Boost your health, hope and happiness with a powerful dose of gratitude.
By Pilar Gerasimo
My nephew, Toliver, turns 12 this month, and like many kids his age, he names pizza, burgers, macaroni and cheese, chips, fries, and similar fare among his best-liked foods.
By Jodi Helmer
Do your friendships seem stuck in superficial ruts? If you crave deeper, richer connections, it may be time to take a few relationship risks.
By Elizabeth Larsen
Accepting critical feedback from others can be tough. But smart people know how to respond to criticism with grace -- and how to use it to their professional advantage.
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