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Developing meaningful relationships requires focused attention and a willingness to be both present and authentic. Conversations provide an excellent opportunity to build your friendship skills in all these areas. These three simple tips can enrich your conversations and deepen your friendships.

  1. Ask questions. One of the surest ways to deepen your conversation is to ask questions and to encourage your friends to delve deeper into the topics you are discussing.
  2. Take turns. In any conversation, it’s important for each person to have a chance to talk and for the other to be an active, engaged listener.
  3. Share your feelings. When we talk with friends, we tend to be good at sharing the details of life — what happened at work, a report on our last date — but we often fail to connect those facts to the emotions we felt in the moment.

For more, visit “How to Have More Honest Conversations With Your Friends“.

This was excerpted from “The Limits of Friendship” which was published in the January/February 2016 issue of Experience Life magazine.

Heidi Wachter

Heidi Wachter is an Experience Life contributing editor.

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