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Drug Problems
By Pamela Weintraub
Could the medications we take to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure, and stomach acid be doing us more harm than good?
Medicine Cabinet Makeover
By Catherine Guthrie
You stock your kitchen’s pantry shelves with wholesome, all-natural goods. Why not the shelves of  your bathroom, too?
By Pamela Weintraub
From routine pains to killer migraines, here’s how to avoid common triggers and embrace smart, safe treatment options that offer real relief.
Not Your Average Patient
By Joseph Hart
Is healthcare something delivered by a provider when you get sick — or something you do for yourself to stay vital, healthy and well? A growing number of health seekers say “both.” Together, they’re forging an empowered new path through America’s broken medical system.
man jumping with snow shoes
By Mark Hyman, MD
Mighty mitochondria — those little factories inside our cells that generate energy — play a central role in our metabolism, our vitality and our well-being. Find out how to rev your cellular engines, rid them of the gunk and damage that slows them down, and start feeling your healthy best.
Fix-it foods
By Catherine Guthrie
Whether flushing toxins, preventing inflammation or boosting your immune system, certain foods prove particularly effective in repairing the body. Here’s a primer on some of the best edible healers around.
Body Mind
By Mark Hyman, MD
Discover the truth about how your mind affects your body, how your body affects your brain, and what you can do to keep the whole brilliant system working to your advantage.
By Mark Hyman, MD
Everyone's talking about universal coverage, single-payer plans, and other well-intended solutions to America's healthcare access dilemma, but we're missing the real question: What's the point of giving more people access to a system that is likely to make them sicker?
Digestive Health
By Mark Hyman, MD
A well-functioning digestive system is the cornerstone of good health. Find out how the gut works, what makes it vulnerable — and what you can do to keep your own digestive tract in tiptop shape.
Hormones and Inflammation
By Mark Hyman, MD
Hormonal imbalances can lead to a host of serious health problems, including inflammation, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia and more. Here’s how to get your body back in balance.
By Mark Hyman, MD
Learn how your genes interact with your habits, lifestyle, and surroundings to create a healthy body — or an unhealthy one.
Help Wanted
By Joseph Hart
Trained to listen and support, rather than simply dole out advice, health coaches are attracting more attention than ever — from patients and from a healthcare industry desperate for solutions.
New View of Health
By Experience Life with reporting by Kelly Grace
Once perceived as the domain of medical experts tasked with keeping our symptoms at bay, the realm of personal healthcare has expanded. It now includes broader definitions, more integrated, preventive approaches — and, perhaps most important, us.
By Courtney Helgoe
Looking for a way out of depression? Antidepressant drugs are not your only option. And the relief offered by natural alternatives just might surprise you.
By Betsy Noxon
Disillusioned by decades of disease-focused medicine, more doctors and patients are now shifting their focus to whole-person health. Ancient practices (yoga), alternative therapies (acupuncture), and commonsense strategies (nutritional counseling) are complementing conventional treatments, expanding our notions of healing — and leading the way to greater well-being and vitality.
By Robert Crayhon
On my radio show I give out an award called the “Wish You Were Here Award.” It is an award given to people who are so far off in their understanding of nutrition that they are sent a postcard with a picture of the earth on one side with the phrase “Wish You Were Here” written on the back.
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