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A remote workspace

What Will the Postpandemic Workplace Look Like?

By Jon Spayde

Whether we’re working from home or in “third places” like coffee shops and coworking spaces, we are reinventing the way we work.

a plastic water bottle and face mask float in water

The COVID-19 Plastic Pandemic

By Michael Dregni

There’s been a steep increase in the use of single-use plastic since the pandemic hit — here’s why.

A person ties their shoes.


By Craig Cox

Late-blooming runners are routinely beating veteran racers at the national level, raising questions about the toll decades of training exact on the body — and why we choose to run (or not) in the first place.

A Black woman holds a sign outside a store that says OPEN.

Another New Normal

By Quinton Skinner

As life continues to evolve in the wake of the pandemic, experts offer advice on how to remain adaptable.

A welcome sign on a store window

PUMPING IRONY: Back to the Future

By Craig Cox

Emerging from social isolation, I’m discovering the importance of patience and empathy while gradually reconnecting to friends, family, and an eerily familiar postpandemic world.

A hospital building is pictured.


By Craig Cox

The pandemic has persuaded the U.S. healthcare industry to reimagine some aspects of its operations in ways that may yield significant benefits for the elderly. Will those revelations survive a return to normalcy?

A ripped piece of paper that spells out Parkinson's disease

PUMPING IRONY: Parkinson’s: The Next Pandemic?

By Craig Cox

Cases of the debilitating neurological disease have been surging in recent years and some researchers suggest COVID-19 may accelerate the trend.

A woman with a medical mask on stares out the window.

Op-Ed: A Moment of Pause About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

By Molly Tynjala

An Experience Life staffer who recently received the J&J vaccine writes about her reaction to the news that the vaccine is being temporarily paused and investigated in connection to a rare blood-clotting disorder.

a variety of supplements and green leaves

9 Functional-Medicine Strategies to Help Treat Long-Haul COVID

By Mo Perry

Many people who have had COVID-19 still experience chronic issues. We talked to several functional-medicine doctors, and here’s what they recommend.

a dog looks forlornly out a window

How to Deal With Loneliness

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Here’s how to maintain social connections — even amid a pandemic.

a woman sits on a deck wearing a mask

The Pandemic Exercise Deficit

By Michael Dregni

Just when we need the immunity boost that exercise offers, many of us have become more sedentary.

A person with a COVID vaccine card gives the thumbs-up.


By Craig Cox

I’ve never won a contest of any sort in my life, so when I got word that I’d been chosen to receive a COVID vaccine, I figured there must be some mistake.

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