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creatine powder

The Health Benefits of Creatine

By Andrew Heffernan

Many supplements claim to make you stronger and fitter. This one actually does.

a man prepares to go for a hike

How to Build a Spring Workout Routine

By Andrew Heffernan

Channel the energy of the season to build a dynamic and sustainable workout.

a woman performs a bench press

Strong, Fast, and Fit: A 9-Week Escalating Density Program

By Andrew Heffernan

Short on time? This nine-week program will get you strong — in less than three hours a week.

a woman holds a kettlebell

The Simple Kettlebell Complex

By Andrew Heffernan

Work your entire body with this fast, fun routine.

a couple playful hug

Is Sex Exercise?

By Andrew Heffernan

A bout of carnal activity could burn 100 calories per session and increase your heart rate, but the numbers can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

illustration couple in workout apparel kissing

4 Ways Exercise Makes Sex Better

By Andrew Heffernan

Physical activity can bolster sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction.

a variety of images of fitness around the world

Fitness Around the World

By Andrew Heffernan

Martial arts in Brazil, stone lifting in Iceland, mace swinging in India. Infuse your active endeavors with renewed energy, courtesy of the inspired movement habits of other cultures.

a collage of people enjoying moving their bodies

How Positive Emotions Supercharge the Effects of Exercise

By Andrew Heffernan

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, PhD, on how a joyful approach to exercise can help people reach their fitness goals more easily.

a group of women walking

When It Comes to Exercise, What Is the Minimum Effective Dose?

By Andrew Heffernan

“Go hard or go home” isn’t the only way to exercise. Instead, you can exercise smarter — not harder — using a minimum-effective-dose approach.

a man holds a dumbbell overhead

What Is Periodization Training?

By Andrew Heffernan

Learn how to minimize fitness plateaus and perform your best by using periodization.

a couple takes a break while riding bike

The 3 Cs of Lifelong Fitness

By Andrew Heffernan

How consistency, curiosity, and compassion can keep your fitness and health on track for a lifetime.

a person writing in a workout plan spreadsheet

What to Do When Your Streak Challenge Is Over

By Andrew Heffernan

Streak challenges are a powerful way to energize a training routine. Keep the momentum alive with these tips.

a woman sits on a yoga mat with her legs extended in front and arms out to the side

The Stretching and Mobility Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

This head-to-toe routine will stretch your muscles, mobilize your joints, and leave you feeling fantastic in five minutes flat.

a man uses a rowing machine

The Indoor-Rowing Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

These three indoor-rowing workouts promise to propel your cardio fitness forward, no matter your level.

a man holds glute bridge

The Resilience Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

Try these five moves — half-kneeling press, suspension-trainer one-arm row, goblet squat, glute bridge, and suitcase carry — to build physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

a man used battleropes while his trainer watches

How Exercise Can Help Build Physical — and Mental — Resilience

By Andrew Heffernan

Learn how exercise can help build a body and mind that can roll with life’s punches — and come back stronger after stress.

a woman holding dumbbells overhead

The Tempo-Based Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

Get more out of your weightlifting efforts and break through plateaus with tempo training.

a man holds the various positions of stepping left, stepping right ab exercise

The Standing Ab Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

Tired of crunches? These six dynamic moves can build a strong, functional core.

a man performs the triangle

4 Rotational Stretches to Ease Back Tension

By Andrew Heffernan

Rotate your spine safely — and reduce back tension — with these four stretches.

workout gear set alongside a workout plan journal

6 Steps to Create a Fitness Routine You’ll Love

By Andrew Heffernan

Here’s how to find a fitness routine that resonates with you.

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