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The digital barrage of emails and updates can trigger your body’s stress response, putting unnecessary strain on your endocrine and sympathetic nervous systems. Your devices’ blue light may also disrupt sleep.

Aim to turn off your devices one hour before bedtime: Read, write in your journal, take a bath, or practice yoga instead.

In the morning, put your phone aside to meditate, take a walk, or mindfully drink your tea or coffee.

Take Action

Try these tips for setting better boundaries around your screen time:

  • Use tech to your advantage. Many devices now have tools to set bedtime reminders and do-not-disturb options. When the notification to start winding down appears, set your phone aside and move into your bedtime routine.
  • Block the blue light. While some researchers have questioned whether our brains are disrupted by the blue light emitted from our devices or whether it’s the barrage of emails and notifications, our devices keep our brain activated. Some people have success with blue-light-blocking glasses or switching to red light bulbs or candlelight to help ease into slumber sooner.
  • Swap phones for knitting needles. Or reading books. Or a gentle yoga routine. If you have created a habit of scrolling your phone for hours right up until bedtime, it’ll take time and intention to establish a new habit. Get more tips for breaking tech addiction here.
  • Set up a peaceful morning routine. Creating a calming morning ritual can help you drift off knowing you’ll have a fresh start to your day. Write in your journal at night and list your to-dos so they are off your mind. Then, upon waking, stretch or do yoga, make a warm cup of tea or coffee, and practice meditation, mindfulness, or reading pages from your favorite book or periodical. Consider these insights from author Hal Eldrod and how to release the stress of the morning rush.

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