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Let’s admit it: Life feels crowded. Sometimes the days are so packed with sick kids, work deadlines, to do lists, errands, and exercise, it is as if we are in perpetual sprint—our blenders stuck on fastest puree—with very few slower moving settings in which we can pause to let the breeze of spirit in, to receive the soft sacred influx of this most sage wind.

To match the demands of our worlds, we’ve grown super stealth at pushing, searching, and looking. Yet, how successful are we at not doing any of these things, at not being such darn good conventional action heroes?

Do we ever make room to not push and do? To conversely sit, get quiet, hold space, and listen instead?

Make Room!

Our toddler often yells out “Make room for me! Make room for me!” when bounding into our bed on weekend mornings. I love this phrase when she shouts it out. I use it as a reminder of what it feels like when God—and I use this term in the vastest and loosest sense, to encompass whatever the sacred and spiritual mean to you—says it too!

For me it always happens in the middle of the night, between about 1 and 4 am, when things are externally peaceful enough that I can hear divinity’s distinct call: “Make room for me! Clear space!” is the message. I get woken abruptly and sit upright, stock still in bed, until the sun rises, with both relief and in resign. Yes, it often takes just such a wake up call to open me to a dialogue with the great beyond.

I am not describing something so huge and far out, but rather a profound internal shift, a willingness to say hello with ease, ready to meet whatever comes back to me on the other end of spirit’s line. It is essentially the courageous act of showing up.

This most recently happened quite starkly on our family vacation a couple weeks ago. Some geographical locations are sacred to our wiring. Some places literally seem to blow the roofs off of our clenched existences, and this one small island in the Caribbean happens to do this for me. Whenever I visit this particular island, I am forced to stop, clear space as my biggest and highest action, and to read the sacred signs.

These calls, and our openness to receive them, are action enough. Even when we feel confused or unclear as to what the divine message is, we can still live in spirit’s glow without an actual state-by-state flight plan. We can radiate and perform all that is required of us, as if we’ve been cleared for celestial takeoff, on God’s runway with engines humming, poised to fly when the time is right. Please believe me on this. The destination is seriously and so totally beside the point.

What I am encouraging today is for you to believe in the simple magic and true exuberance that comes from making room and opening to a conversation with the cosmos.

Try it, or rather, surrender to it.

Go on. Just say hi…

Maggie Lyon is a writer on wellness and spirituality, a motivational speaker, and a holistic lifestyle consultant. 

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