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Take a minute and think of the times in your life when you’ve felt your most free, elated, and adoring of who you are. Can you imagine stepping onto a path where times like these arise abundantly, not as dots in the landscape of your past, but as the foundation from which you live and radiate out into the world?

I am talking full on, full out vibrancy, magic, and delight; to the point at which we overflow with kindness, and where we love so vigorously our hearts can’t help but burst.

My first profound example of this comes from my summers as a child at a sleep away camp on Orcas Island in Washington State. It was a camp rooted in what they called Gypsy Spirit, which in hindsight was all about evoking the qualities of living a colorful, festive, and free life. We had a gypsy wagon with ice cream cones, gypsy dances, gypsy days devoted to camp-wide scavenger hunts, gypsy rings and bracelets, a gypsy tree house, gypsy kings and queens wearing gypsy wreaths of wildflowers, gypsy everything.

There was nothing this pure and life-loving spirit failed to touch. We were simply allowed the space to live in harmony within, with each other, and with the staggering natural beauty around us. In essence, camp gave us permission to abandon the burdens and biases of who and how we were during the school year. Our only job was to be ourselves, explore the world as a playground, and to see what happened from there.

Fast forward 20 plus years and I tell my 7-year-old about gypsy spirit all the time and watch him dream. What joy! What sparkle! What a fearless way of being! And, furthermore, what a crazy flowing peace this yields!

Here’s where your creative vision comes in. Can you soak yourself in gypsy spirit, right now, in the middle of your demanding, impassioned, difficult, and surprising world? How does it manifest in you? What kinds of changes do you need to make to animate and revive yourself to the fullest? People to see or not to see? Places to go or not to go? Jobs to do or not to do? Attitudes to dump, or not?

I’m not giving you an exercise in exploring the past, but rather opening a doorway for you to embrace the wild and beaming gypsy present. Nor am I suggesting you leave your life behind, become a vagabond, hermit, or escapee. What I am suggesting is that you shape your life to live this joyfully. Dare to put your intention out there in popping rainbow colors, to thrive with the same vibrant energy as your most gypsy you, bright bandannas, bold baubles, and all.

Start now. Close your eyes. Hear Stevie Nicks singing, “Well, lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice. Ah, and it lights up the night, And you see your gypsy,
You see your gypsy.” Make the commitment and go for it. Take that spirited leap. Feel yourself so spectacularly free. See your gypsy. Come on. Be your gypsy.

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