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kids from infant age to teenage

Health and wellness are essential for every member of the family — no matter how young or old they are. For children in particular, engaging in positive lifestyle behaviors from a young age can help them become habits that grow stronger as kids grow too.

At Life Time, youth really can do it all when they start small. There are activities, classes, fitness options, events, camps, and more available to entertain and engage kids, including infants, toddlers, tweens, and teens.

“This is a place for the whole family because there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy, whether alone or together,” says Shelly Forsberg, director of kids programming at Life Time. “We provide a wide variety of healthy, active options that allow everyone to do what their minds or bodies need that day. Being active is fun — no matter how you choose to move.”

Peruse this list of what’s available to your kids at the age and stage they’re in. Note that all the items with an asterisk are included with your Junior Membership.

Child Care

Sensory and Story Time

Let your child engage in movement and social interaction and development through activities including musical exploration, dance parties, story time, and building-block fun. Drop off infants for up to two hours and toddlers for up to two-and-a-half hours (may vary by club).*

Age range: 3 months to 2 years

Academy Activities

Toddlers can play, create, build, and expand their imaginations through educational, fitness, and music-based activities. Each week offers a different theme, such as “Ponds and Lakes,” to create focused fun (think lily pad art and pond sponge painting, for instance).

Age range: 3 months to 2 years

Learning Activities

We love when kids explore, create, and learn. We encourage this through a variety of (fun!) enrichment activities, including ones related to S.T.E.A.M., arts and crafts, reading and music, and games and puzzles.*

Age range: 1 to 11 years

Progressive Lessons

These weekly lessons are designed to let your child focus on and gain more experience in their passion areas of dance, martial arts, or gymnastics. They are offered in six- to 10-week sessions. Kids can progress in these lessons at a variety of levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.*

Age range: 3 to 11 years


Grown-Up and Me Classes

Connect with your toddler through exercise, choosing from tumbling, yoga, sports, gym play, and more. These classes help youngsters gain confidence through movement with the comfort of their parent by their side, as well as provide an opportunity for families to meet each other.*

Age range: 1 to 2 years

Kids Studio Classes

Move, dance, jump, and get a kid-sized workout with others their age in these versions of Life Time’s popular adult studio classes, but designed specifically for kids. Choose from our LifeBarre dance, SHRED, SOL yoga, Warrior Sculpt, and Ringside formats.*

Age range: 5 to 8 years and 9 to 13 years (age groups taught separately)

GameFace Sport

For young athletes with a desire to improve their skills in athletics and take their training to the next level, this program teaches the fundamentals of movement, balance, agility, and coordination, increasing their confidence — whether they currently play a sport or not.*

Age range: 5 to 8 years and 9 to 13 years (age groups taught separately)

Adult Studio Classes

Kids can tag along with mom or dad — or come with a friend or on their own. Teens are welcome to join in on all the energy, community, and sweat that adult Life Time studio classes have to offer.

Age range: 12 years and older

Sports and Fitness


From teaching kids how to swim to helping them improve their stroke and be more competitive, we have instructors and programs to suit all swimmers.

Begin with Grown Up and Me Swim Lessons (ages 3 months to 2 years) to introduce them to the water alongside you before starting them on their own in Swim Lessons (2 years and older). As your child grows, sign them up for Swim Clinics (ages 5 to 12) or introduce them to specialized training and competition by joining the Swim Team (based on child’s ability, typically ages 5 to 18).

Ages range: 3 months and older 

Court Sports

Is your kid taken with tennis? Riveted by racquetball? Stoked for squash? Bouncing for basketball? Pining for pickleball? They can explore their passions and learn new skills while staying active through our sports programming and during open court time.

Our SMART tennis program (ages 4 to 18) matches your kid’s development with world-class teaching. Junior Racquetball allows for skills to be established at a young age through lessons, leagues, and tournaments (ages 4 to 18). Junior Squash (ages 5 to 18) is also an option for lessons and leagues as well as camps. And our elite basketball trainers run top-level basketball camps, clinics, and classes every week (ages 6 to 17).

When it comes to the ever-popular game of pickleball, kids can take to the court during open play with family (kid-specific programming is in the works!).

Age range: 4 to 18 years

Rock Wall

Challenge your child’s body and mind by encouraging them to climb to new heights and explore new routes on the rock wall (available at select locations).*

Age range: 5 to 11 years (with a parent) or 12 years and older (without a parent)

Martial Arts

Belt by belt, watch your child make strides toward improvements and achievements with blocking, striking, balancing, and kicking as taught by our highly-trained instructors (class offerings vary by location).*

Age range: 5 years and older

Events and Camps

Parents Night Out

Enjoy a night alone while your kids have a blast at Life Time. Each monthly Parents Night Out features a different fun theme, a pizza party — and nonstop excitement.*

Age range: 3 to 11 years (varies by location)


Our Summer Camps and school-break camps offer convenient ways to keep kids engaged in healthy fun while they’re off school throughout the year — whether for a day, week, or season. (Camps vary by club.)

Age range: 3 to 11 years


Monthly themed events, seasonal events, tween events — we offer a range of opportunities throughout the year for families to enjoy together or for kids to enjoy on their own. From pool parties to dances to games and gym time, keep your eye on the schedule in the Life Time Digital app to see what’s on the calendar. (Most events are included in a Junior Membership, but some may have an additional cost.)

Age range: 3 to 13 years (varies by event)

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Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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