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Two kids doing a yoga movement on mats inside a Life Time club.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or caretaker, we could all use a break while our kids are given an opportunity to engage in active and healthy fun.

All year long at Life Time, we offer a variety of classes, programs, camps, and more that families can choose from for kids of all ages and interests — many of which are included in your Junior Membership.

To make it easy to know your options, we’ve collected the ones parents tend to love most during each season to give you an idea of how they might fit into your schedule — although many of these offerings are available for kiddos to take part in all 12 months of the year.

Note that all the items with an asterisk are included with your Junior Membership.

All-the-Time Adored

1. Kids Studio Classes.Have you ever wondered if your child would thrive in the same fitness classes you love? Kids between the ages of 5 and 13 (grouped appropriately by development) are able to try our SOL yoga, Warrior Sculpt, SHRED, Ringside, and LifeBarre formats in ways designed specifically for them.*

2. Unlimited Monthly Kids Events. There’s always something for kids on the calendar. Parents can enjoy an evening to themselves with our monthly Parents Night Out, Tween Takeover, and other themed events, such as “Super Builder Challenge” or “Secret Agents.” Stay up to date on the latest events here or in the Life Time Digital App.*

3. GameFace Sport. Is your child ready to take their athletics to the next level? Geared toward kids ages 5 to 8 and 9 to 13 who may already be involved in or have a passion for sports, these basic athletic training classes are designed to help build the strength and conditioning skills needed to thrive on the court or field — while still having a whole lot of fun.*

Fit Into Fall

4. Progressive Kids Classes. A variety of high-energy and enriching classes that focus on physical and mental development are regularly offered at the Kids Academy. These include dance, sports skills, junior warriors, arts and crafts, music, yoga, and gymnastics. Find the schedule here or in the Life Time Digital App.*

5. Swim Team. The perfect step for kids who want to take their swimming skills to the next level or enjoy the sport with the camaraderie of others. “Our swim teams are a great option for keeping kids moving and engaged,” says Patricia Kerrigan, aquatics program coordinator for Life Time Swim. “They offer healthy competition, instill life skills, improve fitness, teach teamwork, and facilitate a community.”

6. Tween Events. If your tween is getting to the age where they’re “over” child-centered activities, bring them to explore different areas of our athletic country club with other older-age kids during our Tween Takeover events. They can participate in activities such as gym games, arts and crafts, sports activities, and other games appropriate for their age.*

Work Into Winter

7. Open Gym. When cold air or heavy snow become too much, gather during open gym hours for pick-up basketball, one-on-one games, or to challenge a friend or family member to a game of around the world, HORSE, or lightning.*

8. Swim Lessons. Utilize the winter months to improve your child’s swimming skills so that when summer rolls around they have the confidence and abilities to enjoy peak pool season. “From an early age, we teach kids to both swim well and enjoy the water,” says Geremy Johnson, aquatics regional leader for Life Time Swim. “Making sure their experience in the water is pleasant is just as important as safety in creating lifelong swimmers.”

9. Ultimate Hoops. Have a little baller in your household? Our basketball program, Ultimate Hoops, works with kids of all ages and skill levels on shooting, dribbling, teamwork, and other abilities necessary to reach top-of-their-game potential.

10. Bonus! Holiday Break Camp. When school is out, Life Time camps are on. If you’re looking for something for your kiddos to do while they’re home for the holidays, we’ve got a camp schedule full of healthy activities to keep them entertained.

Slide Into Spring

11. Kids Swim Clinic. Between spring break and other holidays, this season tends to be one with a smattering of days off from school. Use the time to bring your child in for one of our two- to three-hour swim clinics to sharpen their skills before summer pool season starts. For ages 5 to 12 years, each session includes swim lessons, water safety skills, and water sports.

12. Family Fitness. Build a love for movement together with Grown-Up and Me Classes designed for parents and toddlers or preschoolers to take part in. “These classes promote the achievements of little ones and give them opportunity to share what they’ve accomplished with their parents,” says Shelly Forsberg, director of kids programming for Life Time. Family Fitness Events are also available throughout the year, each centered around a different focus such as pickleball.*

13. Junior Tennis. Our SMART tennis progressive programming focuses on fun and athleticism first, and tennis skills second. Kids will start playing with others right away, learning this lifelong sport as they go, and advancing to levels appropriate for their age and development.

Schedule Into Summer

14. Summer Break Camps. Do you have a kid pre-K through age 12 who’s ready for some summer fun? Create a custom Summer Camp experience to fit your child’s interest, choosing from electives such as yoga, dance, swim, rock climbing, S.T.E.A.M., or martial arts, and one that suits your schedule with options for half or full days across one week or all 12 of the summer.

15. Family Pool Time. Play water games, speed down the waterslide, lay in the sun, and enjoy the full Beach Club experience as a family on the pool deck.*

16. Summer Swim Team. If your kiddo is interested in the world of competitive swimming, this is a great introduction. This summer-long team program is relaxed and enjoyable, yet children still get the opportunity to compete.

17. Toddler Playtime.The Tot Spot in the Kids Academy is a place for toddlers to engage in supervised free play, with special 15-minute focused-fun activity sessions happening every hour, which include options such as stories, songs, movement, and imaginative play.*

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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