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Spending time in nature is good for our physical and mental well-being. It boosts mood and helps us de-stress. Plus, it strengthens our immunity, encourages healing, and enhances creativity.

Start with just a few minutes outside to breathe deeply and set intentions. Any time of day works, but early-morning light helps align the body’s circadian rhythms for better evening sleep.

Here are some tips to overcome your barriers to spending more time outside:

  • Invest in the right clothing.

Start with a sweat-wicking base layer that fits close to your skin.
Add a fleece or wool outer layer.
Top with a jacket.
Don’t forget your appendages! Warm socks, good gloves, a hat and/or gator to wrap your face.
Avoid cotton, since it traps moisture when you sweat.

  • Make it a party! Invite friends and family to try snowshoeing. Many places rent gear for minimal cost.
  • Move in minimal doses. If you don’t have 30 minutes for forest bathing, try five or 10 in a public space or park. Find 25 ideas to make time for fitness here.
  • Be present. Take a brief stroll on your lunch hour or after your evening meal. Tend to your own garden or a community garden. Sit on a bench by a lake and watch and listen to the waves. Noticing nature, even in seemingly small moments, makes an impact on your well-being.
  • Too cold? Get outside in short doses. Of course, if extreme cold is in your region, avoid longer periods of time outside. Instead, make the most of a mindful walk to the mailbox or store: Ensure very little skin is exposed to the temperatures, take a few slow deep breaths, and notice the light and fauna or flora around you. Then head to an indoor track or health club for your workout. Get more winter-fitness tips here and find four cold-weather activities here.

Why Nature Is Good for Your Health

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