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bowls of yogurt topped with spices and fruit

Make a Cultured Choice

Yogurt is renowned for its probiotic benefits, so look for brands that list active cultures or display a Live and Active Cultures (LAC) seal, which guarantees that it was not heat-treated to kill bacteria. Watch out for the words “made with active cultures,” which may indicate pasteurization, and avoid brands with added sugar. Store for up to two weeks in the fridge, or freeze for up to a month — it will retain its probiotic content.

Know Your Nutrients

Yogurt is a good source of calcium and B vitamins as well as phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Its beneficial bacteria can help improve digestive health and strengthen your immune system. Seek out whole-fat yogurts: They’re full of healthy fats that make for a satiating snack. Skip low-fat options: They’re often thin in taste and include sugar or other additives to bolster the flavor.

Try Them All

Traditional yogurt and thicker, strained Greek yogurt are popular options, but other varieties offer similar health benefits. Icelandic skyr, often thicker than Greek yogurt thanks to a longer straining time, is high in protein. Australian yogurt is sweeter and thinner than Greek varieties. There are many nondairy yogurts on the market as well, including options made with soy, coconut milk, pea protein, or almond milk.

Snack, Sauce, or Substitute

Try yogurt instead of mayonnaise or sour cream in your favorite recipes for a protein boost. It’s also ideal for dips and sauces (like our Spinach Yogurt Dip). Add nuts, seeds, and fruit for a naturally sweet dessert (try our Pumpkin Pie Yogurt). You can also make your own yogurt at home with our guide.

This article originally appeared as “Yogurt” in the September 2022 issue of Experience Life.

Photography by: Terry Brennan
Michael Dregni

Michael Dregni is an Experience Life deputy editor.

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