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1. Mix up a pitcher of mocktails. Sitting back in the summer heat with a cold drink can be one of the great pleasures in life. Check out these creative, simple, and refreshing drinks for the long, hot summer. (We’ve included alcohol recommendations for those who want something a bit stronger.)

2. Build a smorgasbord. Keep it casual by putting together a picnic-style meal of roasted veggies, cured meats and fish, olives and pickles, and nuts and dried fruits.

3. Get the right amount of sun. Check out these tips for getting the sunshine you need — without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

4. Navigate family gatherings like a proHolidays means family get-togethers, which can be both joyful and challenging. Check out this advice for keeping your cool during difficult moments.

5. Take your fitness outside. Here are 50 ways to make the most of your outdoor workouts over the holiday.

6. Reinvent your potato salad. Try the recipe for this Spicy Nepalese Onion Potato Salad, which is packed with fresh herbs, spices, and crunchy veggies.

7. Watch out for ticks. Cavorting outside is fun, but it’s important to guard against ticks — especially in wooded areas — since Lyme disease is on the rise.

8. Build a better fire. A fire is the heart of many time-honored camping traditions, but building one — and actually getting it going — can be intimidating. This surefire method will produce long-lasting flames without the need for fire-starters, lighter fluid, or gasoline.

9. Unplug from your digital devices. Want to feel truly revived after the holiday? Take a break from the online world — and tune into real life.

10. Let go of vacation guilt. You deserve a break! Check out these tips on overcoming vacation anxiety and reclaiming your leisure time.

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