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a cup of coffee

10 Products to Elevate Your Morning Coffee or Tea Ritual

By Kaelyn Riley

Start your day off right with our favorite coffee and tea gear.

illustration of a question mark around a pregnant belly

Why Is the Maternal Mortality Rate in the United States So High?

By Kaelyn Riley

Learn why giving birth in the United States is more dangerous today than it was three decades ago.

a person cooking in their kitchen with a cookbook

Why We Still Need Cookbooks

By Kaelyn Riley

Our food editor makes the case for setting our devices to the side and going analog in the kitchen — plus, four cookbooks she is loving right now.

a cutting board with a variety of veggie scraps

20 Clever Kitchen Tricks

By Kaelyn Riley

Cooking needn’t feel like a chore. Try these tips to save time, money, and resources.

shrimp scampi

4 Quick and Healthy Recipes From Danielle Walker

By Kaelyn Riley

Best-selling author Danielle Walker’s latest cookbook, Healthy in a Hurry, is full of fast, approachable recipes to help you eat well with less stress.


How to Buy and Use Molasses

By Kaelyn Riley

Whether you use it as a more nutritious sugar swap or a flavorful addition to sweet or savory dishes, molasses deserves a spot in your pantry.

eggs in an egg cooker

9 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Worth the Hype

By Kaelyn Riley

We’re living in the golden age of kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Consider adding one of these to your repertoire or gifting one to the cook in your life.

a bowl of soup with veggies

5 Cozy Soup Recipes

By Kaelyn Riley

Make easy, comforting, delicious meals with a few of our favorite soup recipes, including pear-parsnip soup and lentil soup with delicata squash.

heads of red and green cabbage

How to Buy, Store, and Use Cabbage

By Kaelyn Riley

This cruciferous veggie is endlessly versatile and a storage superstar. These tips can help you feel more confident using it in your kitchen.

purple eggplants

How to Buy, Store, and Use Eggplant

By Kaelyn Riley

Get inspired to use more of this nightshade in your home kitchen.

a bottle of vanilla extract and vanilla beans

How to Buy, Store, and Use Vanilla Extract

By Kaelyn Riley

Savor the flavor of this ubiquitous baking ingredient with these helpful tips.

head shot of Justin Baldoni

Self-Reflections: Justin Baldoni

By Kaelyn Riley

Actor, director, and author Justin Baldoni on showing up as your vulnerable, strong, and authentic self.

Brussels sprouts

How to Buy, Store, and Cook Brussels Sprouts

By Kaelyn Riley

Brussels sprouts get a bad rap. When cooked properly, these little crucifers can be delightful.

a jar of pumpkin puree sits next to a pumpkin

What is Pumpkin Purée and How Do I Use It?

By Kaelyn Riley

Canned pumpkin is a nutritious, versatile ingredient. Here’s what to make with pumpkin purée as well as how to pick out a good brand.

cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder

How to Choose the Best Cinnamon

By Kaelyn Riley

This essential fall spice has plenty of uses beyond baking.

Blocks that spell out FACT and FAKE

7 Ways to Spot Misinformation on Social Media

By Kaelyn Riley

On social media, separating fact from fiction isn’t always easy. Use these tips to help cut through the noise.

a person picks up a psychedelic substance with a tweezers

Can Microdosing Help Mental Health?

By Kaelyn Riley

Some health providers are using psychedelics to help treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

coconut flakes and a variety of non-dairy products in clear containers with wooden spoons

8 Dairy-Free Foods — and How to Cook With Them

By Kaelyn Riley

Here’s how to incorporate nondairy products into your home cooking.

overhead image of 4 people holding hands

Why Addiction Is a Public-Health Issue

By Kaelyn Riley

Taking a more humane approach to addiction can help all of us.

a bowl filled with cherries

How to Buy and Store Cherries

By Kaelyn Riley

These popular stone fruits are a sweet (or tart) summer treat. Make the best use of them with these tips.

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