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a woman scratches her arm

What are the symptoms of bacterial folliculitis?:

Small, pus-filled pimples around the base of hair follicles on the arms, legs or scalp.

Is bacterial folliculitis contagious?:



Sweating can make it worse, and it can be especially troublesome where clothing is tight or rubbing against skin.

Treatment options:

You might have to avoid the gym for a while, as this superficial bacterial infection is usually spread by direct contact. See a doctor to have one of the bumps cultured. Treatment will depend on the type of bacteria but could include antibacterial lotions, medicated cleansers or oral antibiotics.

Other ways to overcome:

Wear loose-fitting clothing that wicks sweat when exercising. Also, use pump soaps versus bar soaps, and when the infection is active, avoid hot tubs and whirlpool spas because you’re contagious at that point, and hot tubs and whirlpool spas are breeding grounds for bacteria.

This was excerpted from “8 Common Skin Problems and How to Treat Them — Naturally”.

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