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For parents, having a few kid-free hours in a day can be a much-needed respite, whether they use that time for running errands, going on a date, or simply resting and relaxing.

Kids’ events at Life Time can help make this a reality. Each month, themed Parents Night Out events are offered, giving kiddos the chance to hang out with others their age while taking part in games and activities related to that evening’s theme. There are Tween Takeover events held monthly, too.

Parents simply drop off their kids and can either stay at the club for their own benefit or leave the property for the duration.

“We have taken advantage of many Parents Night Out events,” says Mindy Carney, a member at Life Time in Chesterfield, Mo., and mom of three who are 9-, 7-, and 5-years-old. “I love how convenient and easy it is to sign up and have all my kids at one place participating in age-appropriate activities, hanging out with friends, and having fun.

“Having dinner served at the events so I don’t have to plan it is another great bonus,” she continues. “My husband and I have enjoyed so many more date nights, as well as had time to catch up on life. These events are easier than finding a babysitter, they’re free, and they’re fun for the kids.”

Check out more about the events and themes taking place in March, April, and May:

March 4 March 11 March 18 March 25
Summer Camp Showcase Summer Camp Showcase Secret Agents Secret Agents
Tween Takeover Tween Takeover


April 1 April 15 April 22 April 29
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time Earth Crew Earth Crew
Tween Takeover Tween Takeover


May 6 May 13 May 20 May 27
Painting Party Painting Party Ridiculous Relays Ridiculous Relays
Tween Takeover Tween Takeover

Tween Takeover

Ages: 9 to 13 years old
Length: Typically 3 hours

At Tween Takeover nights, kids rule! This time is for your tween to decide what they want to do at their athletic country club: They can play sports, create crafts, challenge one another to a board game, or participate in other fun activities. The space is theirs.

Summer Camp Showcase

Ages: 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club)
Length: 3 hours

This event is the perfect way for your kids to get a taste of what summer camp at Life Time could be like: They’ll spend their time sampling camp electives. This includes trying the Kids Studio Classes, racing friends in GameFace athletic endeavors, tapping into their creative side with arts and crafts, and challenging their minds with S.T.E.A.M. activities. These electives allow kids to build relationships with others while learning and growing — all while having fun.

Secret Agents

Ages: 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club)
Length: 3 hours

Does your kiddo love to solve mysteries? All secret agents are being called to this event to crack a case using creativity and problem-solving in collaboration with their fellow agents.

Stu, a (fictional) blue yeti, has gone missing and we need the kids’ help to find him. (If your kids attended our January Search for the Yeti event, they may remember Stu!) There are clues and puzzles that lead kids through a scavenger hunt. Counselors stay with the kids the entire time as they move from room to room in small groups.

Everyone gets to participate in the case — it’s not a race to finish, it’s a group effort. And hidden twists and turns along the way are sure to keep kids on their toes.

Once Upon a Time

Ages: 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club)
Length: 3 hours

Once upon a time in a Life Time far, far away (or in reality, not so far away), there lived a team of magical counselors ready to guide kids through a fun-filled night of adventure. Kids will let their imaginations soar as they head out on this ultimate quest of slaying dragons and conquering castles. Included in the evening’s events are themed gym games such as tower rush, guard the queen, tail tag, and king ball.

Earth Crew

Ages: 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club)
Length: 3 hours

As part of the earth crew for the night, kids learn about the importance of taking care of our planet. They’ll have the chance to learn about recycling, plan a clean-up event, and discover more ways they can protect the earth and help it thrive.

Kids will make mini flyers to encourage others to recycle, plant trees, and participate in other activities to support the earth. They’ll decide where they want to make an impact, whether at home, school, or elsewhere in their community, and be encouraged to pass out or post their fliers in those locations.

In addition to this craft, counselors will lead themed gym games, such as trash-sorting relays.

Painting Party

Ages: 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club)
Length: 3 hours

Kids will break out paint brushes and channel their inner artist at this guided painting party where they’ll create their own masterpiece.

Typically, kids use tempera paint (because it’s washable!), although some clubs may provide watercolor paints, to paint on either cardstock or watercolor paper. They’ll be able to choose which station they wish to paint at: the freestyle station where they can paint whatever they want, the resist station where they’ll use white crayons or tape to make designs on the paper where the paint resists it, or the directed station where a counselor walks them through painting a landscape, step-by-step.

Ridiculous Relays

Ages: 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club)
Length: 3 hours

Kids will have the chance to compete in a series of ridiculous games and messy challenges before partying like they’re all champions. Specific activities vary by club, but a few examples of activities include board-game relays, obstacle-course relays, don’t-drop-the-balloon games, and balloon-caterpillar relays. The relays are meant to make kids laugh — it’s all about having fun (and less about athleticism)!

View your club’s schedule online or in the Life Time Digital app to see the calendar of events and reserve your kid’s spot.

Common FAQs About Kids Events

Tori Limmel, kids curriculum manager at Life Time, shares answers to commonly asked questions from parents.

What can I expect if I sign my child up for a Life Time Kids event?

Each event has a theme, and we build the curriculum around that so there are always fun new activities for kids to take part in. There are two themes per month, each offered on two different dates. The first two weeks of the month feature the first theme, and the second two weeks, the other. This helps us accommodate family schedules and allows a greater chance for every child to attend every theme if they wish.

Regardless of the theme, every curriculum follows an intentionally designed format: There’s always arts and crafts time, a S.T.E.A.M. project, a gym game, or a sports activity — or some combination of those — and then we always serve dinner, which is usually pizza and juice.

Events typically last two to three hours and can accommodate kids ages 4 to 12 years old (ages may vary by club based on state requirements). Tween Takeover events are generally for kids ages 9 to 13 years old but may vary by club as well.

Our Life Time Kids team members go through training before being entrusted with your kids. This training includes CPR training, a child-development course, and a classroom-management course to ensure they are in the safest hands.

When do kids’ events take place?

Kids’ events occur every Saturday. Depending on the club, there may also be additional events on Fridays.

Do parents need to stay at the club while their child is attending an event?

No. Parents can leave the club or stay on site. Most often we see parents using this time in the club, whether that be to take a fitness class, use the space and machines on the workout floor, relax in the sauna or steam room, grab a bite in the LifeCafe, or hit the pickleball court with friends.

Is there a cost to these events? And do you have to be a Life Time member to participate?

All kids events are included at no cost in junior memberships. Your child does need to be on a Life Time junior membership to attend the events.

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Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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