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Annapolis indoor pool

Maryland’s fourth athletic country club is now open. Located just minutes from the United States Naval Academy in the Annapolis Town Center, Life Time is a fitting addition to this hub for entertainment, dining, and attractions.

“I’m excited for this athletic country club because the city of Annapolis is growing so much,” says Marvin McCorvey, general manager at Life Time Annapolis. “There’s really nothing like Life Time in the area. We’re bringing something to the community that they may not even know they’re missing.”

Ben Dubin, area director for Life Time in Virginia and Maryland, underscores this point: “There isn’t a healthy way of life opportunity like this — with all that Life Time has to offer in terms of whole-health programming and offerings — for the people in the Annapolis area to experience. We’re thrilled to serve the community in this new way.”

Let’s explore the 43,000-square-foot Life Time Annapolis club:

life time Annapolis locker rooms

When a member walks into a Life Time athletic country club, they’re immediately greeted by a member of the concierge team. “The experience for members is more like that of walking into a high-end hotel,” says Dubin. “The concierge is there to make sure every offering is made known to members, and to make it really easy for them to use those offerings to achieve their healthy way of life goals.”

The next stop for many members is the executive locker rooms. These areas are designed to be an oasis for refreshing after a tough workout or getting ready for the next part of your day. They feature complimentary amenities including daily lockers, showers, and fresh towel services, as well as toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner.

For another type of haven, members can head to the pool deck to swim laps, do a water workout, or spend time relaxing in the sauna, steam room, or whirlpool.

Life time Annapolis workout floor

The workout floor includes designated spaces for each of the three signature group training class formats: GTX, Alpha, and Ultra Fit. You’ll also find rows of cardio and resistance-training machines, as well as free weights and functional-stretching areas. These tools can be used in any type of workout you desire, whether you prefer to exercise on your own or with the guidance and assistance of a Dynamic Personal Trainer.

Life Time Annapolis has specific studios each for yoga, Pilates, and indoor cycle, as well as a studio for other formats of group classes, such as Kettlebell Kombine or LifeBarre.

“This club is sure to be a winner in the area due to the level and variety of fitness programming we offer,” says McCorvey. “We place a massive focus on the quality of our programming and I’m excited for members to jump in and experience it.”

“Our goal as an athletic country club,” Dubin adds, “is to offer the very best programming that you can find — and not just in fitness, but in all areas we touch — and put it all under one roof to create a tremendous value for our members that they simply cannot find anywhere else.”

Life time Annapolis kids academy

Families can take advantage of the Kids Academy, which includes an infant room, a toddler space, and a flex-play area that is similar to the kids’ movement studios found in other Life Time locations. Unique to Life Time Annapolis is the feature of a traverse climbing wall.

There are dedicated offerings for Junior members to experience, from Kids Studio Classes to Kids Academy Classes to GameFace Sport training, as well as occasional special events such as Parents Night Out.

“We anticipate high demand and use of the Kids Academy from families with children in the area,” says McCorvey. “We stand out and excel in this space by having an abundant number of classes that allows parents to feel secure in the fact that when they are at our athletic country club choosing to live a happy and healthy life, their children are also being empowered to do the same.”

life time Annapolis lifecafe

“We anticipate having a large community of active, aging adults at our Annapolis athletic country club,” says McCorvey. “We’re excited to deliver them an abundance of ARORA programming, which is designed specifically for that age group and includes options such as gentle yoga classes, walking and coffee clubs, and more.”

Members can stroll into the LifeCafe for a fresh-pressed juice or coffee when thirst strikes, or a shake or smoothie when they need to refuel or recover. “We offer an express menu at the Annapolis LifeCafe,” explains McCorvey. “This is a simplified menu for convenience and quickness — and if members choose to use the app to order, it will be even faster for them!”

The LifeCafe also features “Rollies.” These hand rolls are made with fresh ingredients — think bacon, egg, and cheese option, or almond butter, banana, and cocoa nibs — and rolled in a gluten-free cassava-flour tortilla.

Get to Know Your GM: Marvin McCorvey

life time annapolis general manager headshot

What is your experience with Life Time — and how did you get into this role as a general manager?

In 2018, I was hired as a general manager at the Apex location in North Carolina. That athletic country club will always have a special place in my heart because the team and the members were like family to me. My personal training leader at that time, Alonzo Washington, is still one of my closest friends — and he is now currently the general manager at Life Time Apex!

In 2020, I was promoted and moved to the Alpharetta, Ga., location. Then, I actually left Life Time at the end of that year to take on a new challenge and opportunity.

In February 2022, a rockstar recruiter reached out at the perfect time about coming back — I had been absolutely homesick for Life Time. The culture here is one where you truly put people first and I missed that.

I also missed the leadership at Life Time. Having a leader like Bahram Akradi, the founder and CEO of Life Time, is an experience; his ability to create the vision for Life Time and what we do as an organization in unmatched. The executive team’s capability to lead with care while flawlessly executing on the vision is proof of how the company is being led by the best people.

In the end, it was a no-brainer for me to come back to Life Time. This time, that’s as the general manager of Annapolis where I plan to continue to grow as a leader and a person.

What excites you about the opening of Life Time Annapolis?

I’m excited about bringing the best people and the best programs to the community. Because of its location in the Annapolis Town Center, this Life Time and our offerings will be able to seamlessly fit into anyone’s day-to-day life.

For example, a member could get a great Ultra Fit workout, shower and change, grab a smoothie on their way out the door, and then go shopping in the nearby stores before heading to work or home.

Why do you believe in a healthy way of life, and how do you incorporate that mission into your days?

I believe in a healthy way of life because of the benefits of making the choice to commit to that lifestyle — and these benefits are not only to my physical health, but to my mental health as well.

I incorporate that mission into my everyday work by ensuring I get my workout in to begin my day, and I encourage my team to do the same so that we all start our days off on a positive note. That helps us deliver our best selves to our members.

Do you have a favorite way to use Life Time?

My favorite thing to do at Life Time is to take advantage of Dynamic Personal Training to help me push past performance plateaus. I also love a good yoga class for recovery, which also allows me to get out of my comfort zone workout-wise and connect with other members.

You will absolutely be seeing my family at the athletic country club, especially my three little ones living it up in the Kids Academy.

Is there anything people might be surprised to learn about you?

I like to think of myself as three-Michelin-star chef: You can often find me in the kitchen perfecting or trying out new recipes.

I’m from North Carolina and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. So, in true Tar Heels fashion, I put them as the winner in every NCAA March Madness bracket that I fill out. My guilty pleasures are video games and movies — I love some solid entertainment during my leisure time.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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