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Bahram Akradi, founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life

Unfortunately, it takes a whole lot more than sunshine for most of us to follow through with those initiatives. Life inevitably inserts an obstacle here, a ditch or distraction there, and when it does, we may find ourselves getting waylaid well before our most inspired goals come into sight.

So how can you make sure your plan gathers speed, not dust? What you need is momentum.

Momentum, in scientific terms, is the product of a body’s mass and linear velocity. The more mass you’ve got moving in one direction, the more speed you can pick up and the more power you have to overcome whatever might get in your way.

I like to think about momentum-building in terms of moving a large rock. First, you pick a main focus or objective – your big rock. Next, you have to think about all the ways you can get that rock to move. To move a real boulder, you might need a lever, a chain, some logs to roll it on, a bunch of friends to help push it and perhaps a stiff tailwind.

Applied individually, none of these things might be enough to move the rock an inch, but the incremental contributions of each one make a difference. You never know what last little thing might provide the necessary force to put that rock in continual motion. And the more forces you put to work moving it, the more momentum you can build.

When it comes to life goals, it works much the same way. You want to find as many means as possible to support the momentum of your main objective. You want to get all aspects of your efforts entirely aligned in the same direction, not standing still, moving off in other directions or, worse, working against you.

If you are trying to get into shape, for example, you’ll find that putting multiple areas of your life into supporting that goal gives you far more momentum than making isolated changes to your diet or exercise regimen alone. When you add the force of other lifestyle components – mental, emotional, social, spiritual – that’s when the ball really starts rolling. It’s also when your effort ceases to feel like an uphill battle and starts to feel like one very exciting ride.

When you achieve this kind of alignment, not only does your big-rock objective start building speed, but it also takes on the additional “mass” of all those other life areas that are now rolling in the same direction. And that kind of synergy is almost invincible.

In this issue of Experience Life, you’ll find a variety of articles and ideas conceived around one main objective: helping you put your own goals and dreams in motion. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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