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$300 loan.

Thursday is yoga day (when I can get away from work) and every other Thursday (more or less) means a trip to the acupuncturist for needles and a nap, and today I hit the duplecta and made it to both Zen-inducing experiences in one afternoon.

People talk about “hot” yoga or vinyasa “flow” and such, but Jinjer Stanton’s class at Nokomis Yoga is more like “geezer flow,” which is just how I and My Lovely Wife (who never misses a session) and the other two or three regulars prefer it. It’s an hour and a half of ungainly poses, charitable teaching, and a fair amount of comical banter that nonetheless leaves me feeling better than when I arrived.

I hadn’t been back to class since we arrived home from London a couple of weeks ago, so I was happy to see that attendance hadn’t improved to the point that any young faces were occupying mats on the studio floor. In fact, it was just three of us and Jinjer, who was her old self, laughing uncontrollably at the slightest suggestion of humor and leading us gingerly through sun salutations and eagle poses (“Use the wall if you feel the need. . . .”)

Then it was back on my bicycle for a trip three or so miles north to see Dr. Needle, who happily aligns my chi a couple of times a month to keep me vertical and functioning. I had no complaints to report today, which always seems to please her. (I suppose she figures something must be working.) But she sticks a few needles in strategic places nonetheless and I lie back in the barcalounger for a little snooze. Forty-five minutes later, she returns, extracts her needles and I depart feeling rested and, I suppose, realigned in some way. (I’ll never understand acupuncture, but I figure it can’t do me any harm, right?)

Then it’s back on the bike for a leisurely ride along the greenway to West River Parkway and home. When I’m able to make it to both of these sessions, like I did today, I accumulate about 10 miles of pedaling — in mostly a leisurely fashion. And that amounts to a pretty great day.

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