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I’m learning more about how the muscles in my body work, which is a good thing, since a lot of them are still sore today from my Wednesday workout. The most surprising news? It’s the period between workouts when your muscles really develop. Indeed, according to Fernando Pages Ruiz in this July/August 2003 story in EL, sleeping is just as important to bodybuilders as lifting.

I’m a great sleeper, but a wimpy lifter. Still, Ruiz notes that even old weaklings like myself can benefit from a regular lifting regimen. My big question today, however, is whether I should further tax my already aching pecs, biceps, lats, and triceps. So, I sought out SW, my secret fitness guru, for his advice.

He cautioned me to go easy on my poor body and work some other muscle groups instead. (Other muscle groups?)

The truth is, I’ve been neglecting my glutes and hamstrings and quads; and while my core beliefs are strong, my core muscles need a little work. So, I’ll give the rest of my body a rest and get at those tonight.

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