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10 Positive Body Image Affirmations

Whether you speak your affirmations silently or out loud, they can help you transform your self-perception over time. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Negative:  “Ugh, I’m getting wrinkles. I look old.” No-nonsense: “My face is appealing and expressive. It reflects my life experience, personality and authentic emotions.”
Negative: “My chest is too [small/big/droopy/uneven].” No-nonsense: “Everyone’s shape and build are different. My breasts are healthy, beautiful and unique to me.”
Negative: “My hips are too wide.” No-nonsense: “My hips are feminine and curvy. They’re one of my body’s great sources of strength and balance.”
Negative: “I hate my thighs.” No-nonsense: “I’m grateful for my strong quads and hamstrings.”
Negative: “Ugh, this cellulite is disgusting.“ No-nonsense: “Cellulite is no big deal. Why let a few dimples detract from my  self-confidence?”
Negative: “I am not going to be seen at the gym until I lose 10 pounds.” No-nonsense: “I  am committed to taking good care of myself, even on days I feel down.”
Negative: “My pecs look puny next to that guy’s.” No-nonsense: “I’m more focused on my career and family than on pumping iron right now. My body reflects my current choices and priorities.
Negative: “All this working out is pointless. I still don’t have six-pack abs.” No-nonsense: “I enjoy taking good care of myself. I am grateful that I have a fit body, and that my abs don’t define who I am.”
Negative: “My legs are way too scrawny — I can’t ever wear shorts.” No-nonsense: “I can develop my leg muscles with exercise if I want to. But these are the legs I was born with, and they get me around just fine. I’ll wear whatever’s most comfortable for my chosen activities.”
Negative: “Going bald is my worst nightmare.” No-nonsense: “A bald head is sexy when worn with confidence.”

This was excerpted from “How to Build a More Positive Body Image” which was published in Experience Life magazine.

Gina DeMillo Wagner 

Gina DeMillo Wagner is an award-winning journalist specializing in fitness, travel, and parenting. She is a regular contributor to Experience Life.

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