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More than six months ago, our team gathered to brainstorm the next evolution of Experience Life, both the print and digital offerings. It had been seven years since our last redesign, and with the changes on our team and in the publishing industry, it was time for a refresh.

So we went through recent issues and talked through feedback we’d received from you, our readers. The art and editorial teams collaborated on design direction; the circulation and business folks pitched their ideas to editors; the digital team pushed for better integration across platforms.

The room was abuzz with excitement at the prospect of a change that would bring about an updated look and feel, and new areas that would open the door for fresh health and wellness coverage. We left the meeting energized and ready to get started.

Change is never easy, and there were moments throughout the process when I questioned whether a redesign was a good idea. As the new editor in chief, I felt pressure to maintain the high-quality editorial coverage of health and wellness topics you’ve come to expect (that will always be our No. 1 priority) and to update things, but not so much that it would feel like a completely different magazine. At the same time, I knew it was time to put more of the current team’s mark on this project.

In hindsight, these concerns were understandable but unnecessary. As I recently reviewed an earlier version of this issue, after months of back-and-forth and multiple rounds of revisions, all I felt was a huge sense of pride.

You see, the team members who create these 92 pages every month, who manage the website, and who keep our business afloat are all in on Experience Life. They are passionate about bringing their best talents and sharing their unique perspectives and deep wealth of knowledge with the intent of making this a magazine that truly stands out in the health and wellness space.

When I flip through these pages, I see each of them reflected in one way or another. I hear the stories they share about themselves and their loved ones facing daily challenges head-on and experiencing life to its fullest. They are real representatives of you, our readers. I hope you feel that as you explore this issue, because your interests were at the center of this truly collaborative effort.

A lot of what you’ll find will be familiar, while other parts are brand new. In Real Fitness, for instance, we’ve added more workout options, step-by-step movement breakdowns, sport-specific exercises for upping your game, and a new column that explores the mind–body connection. In Real Life, there’s now a Q&A that delves into your life quandaries, and there’s the Living Experiment, a new section based on the popular podcast of the same name by our founding editor, Pilar Gerasimo, and Dallas Hartwig, cofounder of the Whole30 program.

All of this lies in a reorganized, clean, beautiful aesthetic that our art team — Lydia Anderson and Jennifer Jacobson — spent hundreds of hours creating and refining. I think you’ll love it.

Finally, Experience Life is about empowering you to live your healthiest, happiest, most authentic life. That requires being honest about what it takes to embrace healthier habits and behaviors that create lasting change. So we’re harking back to our original tagline: Healthy. Happy. For Real.

Healthy living is hard, but our goal is to help you do it a little bit better every single day.

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