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We crave simple solutions. Could be because the world gets more complex each day. Or it could be because simple solutions feel easier to approach. Either way, when simple solutions work, life is good.

Simple solutions have a way of tapping into the basic human truths we lose sight of as our daily lives spin faster. In the spirit of getting better, here are few of my favorites for creating positive, sustainable changes. They’ve helped me transform the way I view and experience the world.

#1. Goals about getting better work better.

When your goals are wrapped in a desire to get better you value what you learn as much as the achievement. This growth mindset also delivers the whole enjoy the journey aspect of life and arms you loads of wisdom for your next goal. Set one goal that is focused upon getting better in some way and you’ll experience difference. It’s practically tangible.

#2. Give yourself a daily dose of inspiration.

Inspiration ignites the human spirit. It also taps the richest areas within your brain. Combined, they keep you connected to higher wisdom, deeper insights and fresh solutions. Cultivate a daily inspiration practice to strengthen your energy on every level – physical, emotional and metal. It’s life changing.

#3. Surround yourself with positive people.

If you’re like most people, you underestimate (or ignore) the impact that your closest relationships have in your life. The people you spend the most time with dramatically influence your motivation, health, growth and development. Build a positive community that brings out the best in you. (This also makes tip #2 far easier to live on a daily basis).

Now, all you need to do is simply pick one solution. Put it into action. Repeat daily until it’s a way of living. And then enjoy all of the benefits that flow from living in a state of continual improvement.

Never been better,


Maryanne O'Brien

Marianne O’Brien is the author of The Elevated Communicator: How to Master Your Style and Strengthen Well-Being at Work. Visit her online at

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