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Experience Life editor in chief Jamie Martin

Boy, it’s been an interesting few months. When we started planning this issue back in October 2019, the coronavirus was not on anyone’s radar. Social distancing wasn’t a thing. Shelter in place? Why on earth would we have to do that?!

We planned this issue expecting life to proceed as usual, but we’ve learned a thing or two since early March.

As I review these pages now, I assess each piece of content with a new filter: With regard to the pandemic, is this still true? Does this statement or that image align with the suggested guidelines? Will these protocols still be in place by the time this issue is in readers’ hands?

As of presstime, the answer to that last question is unknown. It’s unclear what the situation will be tomorrow, much less in six weeks. We don’t know if nonessential businesses will be reopened yet, or whether most people will still be working remotely. Will summer vacations in the places we love with the people we love still be an option?

So we made a few swaps, replacing some images and articles with ones that better suit this moment (see “Your Attention, Please,” page 72 in the June issue of Experience Life, for instance). In other cases, we moved forward as planned, in hopes that this content will still apply to whatever the new normal is in early June.

The Experience Life team is also taking this time to assess what’s working and what’s not, and to try a few new things. No matter what, though, our mission remains the same: to empower you to become your healthiest, happiest, most authentic self, and to support your enjoyment of a balanced, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life.

We do this by covering health-and-wellness topics in depth and providing accurate information and details about relevant issues. We balance this with stories that we hope motivate you to pursue your own personal development, passions, and ambitions.

Our intent is to help you achieve your healthy-living goals in whatever ways feel good to you. There isn’t one right way — there’s only your way. And while that may look different now in light of our current circumstances, we’re here for you no matter what.

My personal hope is that flipping through these pages also offers you a brief respite from whatever else is going on in the world. We can’t ignore what’s happening, of course, but we all need ways to disconnect and unwind, to immerse ourselves in hobbies and experiences that bring us joy.

And there’s a lot to enjoy in these pages, including sailor Liz Clark’s story (her cover, by the way, wow!); “Dear Honey” (page 38 in the June issue of Experience Life), in which food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl sings the praises of this miracle ingredient; “Inside Out” (page 52 in the June issue of Experience Life), with six fitness-boosting outdoor activities; and “Nature in Mind” (page 77 in the June issue of Experience Life) — a good reminder about the healing power of nature.

No matter the state of the pandemic when you hold this magazine in your hands, I hope you’re able to find a silver lining in all that’s happened.

Maybe it’s allowed you to slow down, to pursue that new skill, or to reconnect with an old acquaintance or two. Maybe you’ve focused on your health, fitness, or self-care. Maybe you’ve had the chance to get really clear about your values and what you want in life — and what it’s time to let go of.

Whatever it might be, now’s your chance. Take it.

Photo by: Sara Rubinstein

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