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a women sits on the hood of her car with her arms extended at sunset


How To

a beautiful sunrise over a lake

The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

By Courtney Helgoe

Leave No Trace principles help us protect and care for our wild spaces.

Food and Recipes

grilled shrimp and veggies in a foil pack

5 Foil-Pack Meals

By Maddie Augustin

Perfect for camping, grilling, or a mess-free meal in your kitchen, these foil packets are simple and satisfying.


a person stands by a mountain lake at night

6 Night-Hiking Tips

By Sarah Tuff

Hiking after dark heightens the senses in wonderful ways. Learn about the the skills you need to undertake this adventure.

a woman rucking through an urban setting

What Is Rucking? Tips to Getting Started

By Sarah Tuff

Learn how adding a weighted pack (known as a rucksack) can elevate the strength and endurance effects of your daily walk.


Restorative Retreats

Family Vacations

a person stands on a rocky shore line at sunset

9 Hidden Gems of our National Park System

By Michael Dregni

Escape into nature and step back in time to explore some of the less-visited treasures in our national park system.

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a person swims with a playful sea lion

5 Strategies for Becoming a More Conscious Traveler

By Laurel Kallenbach

Traveling is an inherent part of our human spirit, yet it can exert pressure on popular vacation destinations. Discover how you can make a positive impact on local economies while ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling travel experience.

a woman looks through the window at an airplane

6 Common Travel Illnesses and How to Treat Them

By Mo Perry

Travel’s pleasures and demands can take their toll. Stay on track with these foods and supplements.

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