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Those coworkers that write brilliant proposals offsite at the local café may be on to something. A study out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that “moderate ambient noise helps enhance creative cognition.” The optimal noise level is about 7o decibels — or roughly the same volume as a buzzing coffee shop. Well, some creative developers out of Richmond, Virginia, took note: Meet Coffitivity, an app and website that lets you take the world of latte-making wherever you go.

The concept is simple: Coffitivity re-creates the coffee-shop atmosphere so you can do some of your best, most creative work. With sounds ranging from espresso machines to friendly conversations, the playlists are designed to enhance your ability to think (rather than overpower it) so you can brew up your best ideas.

While a coffee shop may be one of the more enjoyable places for the good-for-your-productivity level of moderate noise — and certainly serve as the muse for Coffitivity — other locales could include libraries, museums, parks, and other outdoor spaces with a reasonable variety of surrounding activity.

Read more about the U of Illinois study in “Cups of Creativity,” featured in our October 2013 issue.

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