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So, as promised in my earlier post, I’m reporting back. And as I suspected, I haven’t been able to get to the gym every day on a regular schedule since then, but I have been getting in some good workouts when I’ve been down there. Most notably, I’ve taken my young PT’s advice about lengthening my stints on the Elliptical Death Machine. I’ve done 45 minutes on a couple of occasions, which burns about 600 calories and leaves me pretty much drenched in sweat (but in a good way). I’ve been mixing my resistance training between the machines and The Pit (heavier on the machines).

To review:

Rather than the M-W-F lifting, T-Th cardio, and Sunday basketball ritual, I’ve been content to mix cardio and lifting on alternate days and imagine myself shooting hoops (with great style and accuracy — and really cool sneakers) on Sunday. I’ve never actually attempted a serious workout two days in a row. Maybe someday. When I’m younger.

Oh, and I’ve cured my obsession with FitDay. I simply stopped filling out the info one day. I figure after about three months of tracking my eating, I’m pretty clear on what I need to do to stay on track. It was an interesting experiment, actually. I learned that I don’t consume that many calories (about 2,000/day on average) and that I don’t have a great deal of trouble getting my RDA of most nutrients. I’m a little low on vitamin E and calcium, and it seems like I can eat a half-dozen servings of fruits, veggies and nuts, plus a 4-by-8 sheet of plywood and still not reach my RDA for fiber, but for the most part, it appears I’m eating a pretty healthy diet. I’ve been avoiding refined sugar and carbs as much as possible and a more mindful approach to stuffing my face is paying off, I think. I’ve dropped five pounds since I started keeping track of this stuff. My goal is to drop five more (down to 155) by the end of the summer. If I succeed, please be assured that I will not appear at a local beach in a speedo.

Anyway, it appears that I’m motivated again. I’ll do 45 minutes on the EDM tonight and some upper-body work on the machines. Maybe I’ll even try to stretch out this right calf of mine, which has been cramping up of late. Or not.


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