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build a winter retreat

Like most of the United States, we’re in the throes of the polar vortex here in the Twin Cities. The cashier at the grocery store told me when she heard the high temperature was going to be below zero — again  — she noticed her sense of humor about the whole thing had died. Perhaps it was frozen.

In any case, it’s easy to feel low on insight (and patience, and humor) after enough sequential days of challenging weather, and most of your friends are likely feeling the same, so here’s an outside perspective.

Chicago-based tantric vinyasa yoga teacher Jim Bennitt just returned from teaching a retreat in Belize, and in his most recent newsletter he shared these suggestions for how to take a retreat at home. (They are so reasonable they are obviously produced by a properly sun-soaked brain.)

5 Tips for Winter Equanimity (from yoga teacher Jim Bennitt):

  • Get to bed early, preferably before 10pm
  • Wake up just before dawn and enjoy watching the sunrise
  • Practice sun salutes and meditation before you check emails
  • Book a massage
  • Take a 15-minute nap (or yoga nidra) in the afternoon.

Try them yourself and let us know if anything helps thaw your funny bone.

Thoughts to share?

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