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  1. Be in touch. Send reminder texts, prearrange rides to the gym, offer wake-up calls if necessary.
  2. Be on time. Always.
  3. Push your partner, then reinforce her efforts with praise.
  4. Suggest new ideas and routines to keep things interesting and prevent plateaus. (Browse the Experience Life archives for workout ideas or consult a trainer every few months.)
  5. Remind your partner of his goals and encourage him when the going gets rough.
  6. Keep tabs on each other through illness, travel, and other routine-breakers. It will make it easier to get back on track.
  7. Talk about topics other than fitness. The more you care about your partner as a person, the stronger your alliance will be. But don’t wallow in negative talk. It’s an energy downer.
  8. Be flexible. Sitter canceled? Take turns watching the kids so each of you can exercise independently.

This article originally appeared in “Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Fitness Buddies” in the July/August 2012 issue of Experience Life. Check out the article for more tips on working out in groups.

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