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ways to conserve water
  1. Invest in a portable glass or stainless-steel water bottle that you’ll enjoy using throughout the day, and take advantage of the increasing number of water filtration stations in airports, health clubs, gyms, and sports stadiums.
  2. Buy a home water-filtration system. This commitment can be as modest as a $20 carbon filter (see “How to Choose a Water Filter”). Encourage your employer to install a water filter.
  3. Educate yourself about water issues in your area, and alert your local and national lawmakers about them.
  4. Support increased EPA regulation of water sources, especially ones that eliminate loophole chemicals like those related to farming and fracking, to keep our water clean.

(See “9 Tips to Use Less Water in the Kitchen” for more ways to reduce water usage.”

This originally appeared as “Be a Good Water Citizen” in “Truth on Tap” in the June 2017 issue of Experience Life.

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