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1. Nux vomica

Good for: Upset stomach from overeating or overindulging.

Homeopathic notes: Derived from the poisonous strychnine tree, nux vomica is ideal for treating heartburn or drowsiness from eating or drinking too much. “The quintessential remedy for ailments from ‘high living,’ usually the first remedy to take for garden-variety heartburn or indigestion from drinking too much coffee or alcohol or eating too much spicy food,” says Kathi Fry, MD, CTHHom.

2. Arnica montana

Good for: Bruising, shock, head injury.

Homeopathic notes: Arnica’s effects are primarily anti-inflammatory: It’s good for treating muscle pain, stiffness, swelling from injuries, and bruises. A 2021 meta-analysis published in Frontiers in Surgery found arnica to be comparable to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories for reducing postoperative swelling and bleeding.

3. Gelsemium sempervirens

Good for: Headaches, influenza, sleeplessness due to anxiety and anticipation.

Homeopathic notes: “This is a big remedy for the flu, chronic fatigue, and people with postviral fatigue — as in long COVID,” says Fry.

4. Allium cepa

Good for: Allergies, runny nose, watery eyes.

Homeopathic notes: Derived from onion, this remedy is effective for treating a running nose, especially with a clear discharge. “If you’ve ever chopped an onion with tears streaming down your face, you know what it’s like to need Allium cepa. The hallmark symptom is a sensation of burning irritation,” explains Fry.

This was excerpted from “What is Homeopathy?” which was published in the July/August 2022 issue of Experience Life.

Mo Perry

Mo Perry is an Experience Life contributing editor.

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