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Trading Weight Loss for Life Gains

"Get outdoors. Go hiking. Go walking. Just do something to get out there and move, get your health on track so that you can go out and experience life — because you only have one.”

As a working single mother of two, Nickie Peterson wanted her health and happiness back. She did it: she made more than 450 visits to Life Time in 2019. Along the way, Nickie not only shed pounds, but also gained the drive to become a certified instructor.


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Woman smiling while exercising
By Life Time
"A year ago, if you had told me I could do that, I'd have laughed at you. I just never thought I could do these types of things with my body."
Father and daughter foam rolling together
By Life Time
"Getting to those moments in life that you’re going to remember — that’s my motivation.”
Woman in gym smiling
By Life Time
"I took my life back. I took my body back. I took my health back."
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