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By Experience Life Staff
I enjoy walking and hiking for fitness. But am I getting a decent workout? Do I need to be doing something more?
Apple announces the Apple Watch
By Experience Life Staff
Apple enters the world of wearable technology by creating a standalone device that incorporates custom health and fitness apps with the fun and utility of your smartphone.
Expert Answers On Why Your Hands and Feet Go Numb While You're Working Out
By Nicole Radziszewski
Our fitness experts tackle your questions on why hands and feet go numb during certain movements.
Expert Answers On Overcoming Yoga Jitters
By Nicole Radziszewski
Our fitness experts give you suggestions for taking your first yoga class — and keeping the nerves at bay.
Expert Answers On Spine Rotation
By Nicole Radziszewski
Our fitness experts tackle your question on why it matters how you twist your spine during strength training.
how to fix computer slouch
By Nicole Radziszewski
Two exercises to help undo damage of poor posture.
Illustration of a woman doing a lunge with high guard.
By Yael Grauer
Here’s how to build the strength and mobility you need — while warding off injuries that could put a crimp in your golf game.
man exercising while watching tv
By Experience Life Staff
Resources for your first week of the Take Action Challenge — overcome roadblocks, set affirmations, and move forward!
By Experience Life Staff
Loosen up tight wrists with these simple drills.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
A new study shows that exercise, along with a diverse diet that includes protein, can help the body's multifaceted microbiome thrive.
illio person in down dog
By Chris Ballard
Why sports writer Chris Ballard (almost) wishes he’d been injured years earlier.
By Andrew Heffernan
Our fitness experts tackle your questions on replacing minimalist running shoes, intermittent fasting for fat loss, and yoga and hypermobility. Plus, help for weak wrists.
Watermelon juice
By Experience Life Staff
New science supports the old notion that drinking watermelon juice eases postexercise muscle soreness.
By Andrew Heffernan
Our fitness experts tackle your questions on caffeine and athletic performance, and rhabdomyolysis. Plus, tips for improving your “wheel” pose.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Researchers suspect vertical motion may disrupt the gut in ways that reduce the urge to eat.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Pictures trump calorie-counting on TwoGrand, a recent addition to the bastion of food and exercise tracking apps.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
New research shows that exercise cannot only prevent, but also reverse, signs of aging in the skin.
Expert Answers: On Cardio and Weights, Physio Tape, and AMRAP
By Andrew Heffernan
Our fitness experts tackle your questions on mixing cardio and weights, using physio tape, and more.
By Experience Life Staff
A University of Oslo study discovered that eating three meals a day, rather than six, produces greater muscle and strength gains.
By Nicole Radziszewski
Our fitness experts tackle your questions on the best weight machines, improving lung capacity, and more.
By David Schimke
Can the increasing popularity of activity trackers and mobile apps alter the public’s approach to personal health and help foster habit change?
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