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A team member at Life Time Living assisting a resident.

While a restaurant reservation, local attraction recommendation, or arranged transportation are all helpful perks of residing in a luxury apartment complex that offers a concierge on staff, what if that person was able to provide even more assistance to you?

The unique resident concierges employed at Life Time Living destinations make it easier for you to enjoy a healthy way of life.

Their role is to deliver what we refer to as “connected living.” Think of it this way: When a new member walks through the doors of a Life Time athletic resort, the membership concierge helps them navigate the club, get connected with trainers and classes, and answer any questions. At Life Time Living, the resident concierge serves a similar purpose, connecting residents to all the opportunities available to them at the complex and in the surrounding area — specifically tailored to their needs and preferences.

Residents are connected with a concierge before their first night in their apartment home. During this initial conversation, the concierge learns about the resident’s interests and health goals so that, in turn, they can provide the best recommendations for fitness classes; services such as chiropractic, salon, or spa; personal trainers; nutritionists; and any other Life Time offerings designed to improve their health.

“Life Time is providing a deep level of concierge wellness services,” says Sarah Kohler, director of multifamily residential operations at Life Time Living. “For example, we’ll connect the resident with a specific massage therapist onsite that best fits their needs. That personalization of service is what we’re all accustomed to within the club. Now we’re taking it to a whole new level in members’ living environment to ensure residents are connected in all aspects of their life, not just the time they spend in the club.”

To illustrate, here are some examples of how a resident concierge might facilitate “connected living”:

  • A resident admits they don’t have time to cook during the week, so the resident concierge helps them set up a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh and healthy meals from the LifeCafe.
  • A resident mentions that they have a busy travel schedule over the next few months, so the resident concierge connects them with a trainer who can work with them both in the club and virtually.
  • A resident says their stress levels have been high, but there are no yoga classes offered in the club at their preferred workout time of 5 a.m. The resident concierge loans the resident a yoga mat and yoga blocks to take an on-demand class using the Life Time Digital app.
  • A resident needs help understanding the role nutrition plays in building muscle. The resident concierge schedules a pantry restock two-part coaching session with a nutritionist. The resident and nutritionist sift through the resident’s pantry to remove any foods that may sabotage their health goals, then they shop together to optimize cooking and stocking their pantry with foods to help the resident reach their goals.

“Connection — in any form — is what we’re always striving for at Life Time,” explains Mark Huckaby, regional leasing manager at Life Time Living. “The buildings and spaces are beautiful, but it’s the connections and experiences that set us apart. What we’re trying to do at Life Time Living is make a concentrated effort around how we deliver our brand day in and day out for those who are living here, bringing Life Time into their life whether in their living room or kitchen or through the other different services we provide.”

Life Time Living strives to create a resort-type experience that lasts. “I always tell people to think about what it’s like to take a week resort vacation or embark on a yoga retreat,” Huckaby says. “Then, imagine if you lived there. Picture residing in an environment that’s going to help you consistently reach your goals, whatever those goals are — happy living, better sleep, improved fitness — that’s the experience we’re looking to deliver to every resident.”

In addition to the resident concierge assisting residents navigate and access Life Time’s services and amenities, they also play a role in helping to grow and facilitate the building’s community.

Events and experiences are held for residents to gather, meet, and spend time with one another. These resident-exclusive events could range from poolside Pilates to a 1920s-themed Gatsby party.

“Our residence concierges facilitate these resident events to build a connection that spans beyond the club,” says Kohler. “This is a like-minded community. It’s people who are living together who all choose health and wellness as a significant priority in their lives and can support each other in their goals, whether they’re training as a group for the Miami Marathon or find quiet moments to meditate together on the pool deck. That’s our differentiator, our constant connection to wellness.”

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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