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Party Lights

a bottle of Thomson & Scott’s Noughty de-alcoholized sparkling Chardonnay

Thomson & Scott’s Noughty de-alcoholized sparkling Chardonnay tastes similar to a dry prosecco: low in sugar, and light and crisp, with tight bubbles and a celebratory feel. $22 from

Spirit Lift

a bottle of NA spirit from Pentire

This light-bodied NA spirit from Pentire has notes of mineral, rosemary, and sage, with a hint of citrus and salt at the finish. $38 from

Hip Hop

a can of HopTea

Hoplark craft-brews tea in the style of beer, which means its flavorful offerings deliver all the citrusy, hoppy pleasure of a cold one in the backyard, but without the heavy after-feel. $35 for a 12-pack.

Spice of Life

a bottle of Proteau spritz

The Proteau spritz is a botanical delight that’s similar to a shrub: tart, a little fizzy, with a wonder­ful earthy flavor and just a hint of cinnamon. $19.50 from

High Note

a can of Lyre’s Classico

Lyre’s Classico is a fresh, floral-tasting NA apéritif that has hints of lime and peach. Lyre’s also makes a refreshing mock gin and tonic with classic juniper notes. $45 for 12 cans from

Good Cheer

a bottle of Töst

Full-bodied and slightly sweet, Töst is brewed with sparkling white tea, cranberry, and a hint of ginger. $27 for 3 bottles at

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