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The pace of life can easily leave one feeling depleted, especially around the holidays. As we try to pack it all in, we tend to feel overwhelmed rather than jolly and bright.

Here are three simple tips to help you get good at living and enjoy each day. They always work when put into practice. Pick one idea to experiment with and experience how much more happiness, peace and satisfaction you can access when you’re fully present.

1. Unplug from technology.

While technology provides great freedom and flexibility, it can also keep us tethered to our work. The constant interruptions of our devices often distract us from what really matters and drain our energy.

When we’re constantly plugged in part of our energy and focus remains fixed on the future. The anticipation of what’s to come quickly overshadows the moment we’re in. This makes it challenging to actually connect with the people we are with.

• Unplug from technology once a week for 24 hours
• Create technology free zones where you unplug during the day

2. Give your undivided attention.

Multitasking as a means to productivity is a myth. Science has proven that the brain can only focus on one thing at a time. The research shows that multitasking actually reduces our productivity and increases mistakes.

Focus is our real friend. When we focus our attention, we absorb more information and get more done. We also tend to enjoy our experiences more and feel greater satisfaction.

• Offer someone you love your full attention
• Focus on one task at a time

3. Set daily intentions.

Given that we live in a highly visual world that moves at warp speed, it’s no wonder our attention wanders so readily. Without daily rituals that keep us focused, aligned and intentionally directing our attention, it’s easy to get off track.

Setting daily intentions provides the clarity we need to align our attention, actions and responses. By simply writing them down we deepen our commitment and create a visual reminder to support us throughout the day.

• Make it a morning practice to set intentions
• Check in at the end of the day and measure your progress

Give yourself the gift of being present this holiday season. Fully experience your life and enjoy how time slows down when you’re in the here and now.

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Maryanne O'Brien

Marianne O’Brien is the author of The Elevated Communicator: How to Master Your Style and Strengthen Well-Being at Work. Visit her online at

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