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Reading in print offers its own kind of pleasure, so subscriptions to publications that the recipient loves are a treat — and this gift can be recycled. Online subscriptions, while less fun to read in the bathtub, do prevent the clutter problem entirely.

A subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming video service is another nice gift, especially if you attach a list of your own favorite shows and films on that service to give the person a place to start.

Likewise, the music lovers in your life are certain to appreciate a one-year subscription to a streaming music service like Spotify or Tidal. Providing a playlist of your favorite tunes makes it personal.

If someone you know is going through a rough time, maybe unable to focus or sleep, a gift subscription to an app that may help her or him relax is an especially thoughtful gesture.

“I recently gave a friend of mine a subscription to a year of a meditation app, and she really liked it,” says Miss Minimalist blogger Francine Jay, author of The Joy of Less and Lightly.

You could also offer a handful of guest passes to your health club, or a punch card for someone’s favorite yoga studiohealthy movement is a great anxiety-reliever, too.

Rather than trying to find your favorite fashion lovers the perfect something, consider gifting a clothing subscription to Stitch Fix, Bombfell, or Rent the Runway. These services offer the chance to play with various looks and outfits; they’re also excellent for those who become easily bored with their wardrobe.

A year’s membership to a local museum or botanical garden often comes with extra perks like preopening parties and shop and restaurant discounts. A nice gift for individuals or families.

Do you have friends who want to cook more? Offer gift certificates to their local grocery store or, if they are starving for time, a subscription to a grocery-delivery service like FreshDirect. A membership to an online discount grocery retailer, like Thrive Market, can also be a great gift.

Finally, for that someone who really does have everything, what about flowers — specifically, a subscription for weekly or monthly delivery?

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