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life time stamford building

The community of Stamford is set to welcome Life Time’s newest athletic country club — the first of its kind in Connecticut — in summer 2023. The destination is located in the heart of downtown, within walking distance of many workplaces and apartment complexes.

“It’s always so exciting to grand open a new Life Time,” says Jennifer Duran, general manager at Life Time Stamford Downtown. “It’s incredible to see the new member base and to be able to bring our athletic country club concept and healthy way of life offerings to locals — especially the many here who may not have experienced Life Time before.”

This club was built from the ground up and spans 53,000-square-feet (not including the 290-unit Life Time Living residences!). Let’s explore the Life Time Stamford Downtown space.

life time stamford front of building

Step into Life Time Stamford Downtown and you’ll immediately be greeted by a member of our membership concierge team. “While we’re still hiring team members, no doubt this team will be highly professional, most likely with prior hospitality experience,” explains Duran. “We talk a lot at Life Time about the difference between service and hospitality: Service is what you do to or for someone, and hospitality is how you make them feel. We expect the best of both from our team members.

“I believe that building genuine, quality relationships with our members, anticipating members’ needs before they arise, and creating an overall elevated and memorable experience is what it’s all about,” Duran continues.

The Life Time Stamford Downtown team will be equipped to provide recommendations around the plethora of offerings and programming available at Life Time.

A convenient next stop in the athletic country club is the LifeCafe. “The LifeCafe is accessible from our street level and will have a full-service menu offering healthy meals, shakes, and more,” says Duran.

Life Time Stamford Downtown features a seasonal rooftop Beach Club with a lap pool and cabana-style seating. “I anticipate the pool mainly being used for leisure, whether your idea of that is swimming laps or sunbathing,” says Duran. “This rooftop will also be an exciting place to host events. I hope to see live music, fun activities, and partnerships with our instructors and Dynamic Personal Trainers for some exciting outdoor workouts there, too!”

A variety of classes will be offered in the five dedicated studios: one each for Pilates, cycle, barre, and yoga, and a multi-purpose space for other group-format classes.

Members can also venture onto the expansive workout floor to use free weights, cardiovascular- and resistance-training machines, and take advantage of designated stretching areas. This is also where GTX, Alpha, and Ultra Fit signature group training classes (all included in memberships) will take place.

Members will be able to connect with a Dynamic Personal Trainer in this workout area, too. “I’m excited to bring this concept of Dynamic Personal Training to the market in Connecticut,” shares Duran. “It’s going to be unlike any training experience the residents currently have in the area. Dynamic Personal Training not only digs into the personalized physical experience, but taps into the emotional and motivational pieces as well, creating a workout that can’t be replicated on your own or through an app.”

After pushing your body through your fitness efforts, you can wind down and recover in the luxurious locker rooms. Members can enjoy the cedarwood sauna and eucalyptus steam room. They can also take their relaxation to the next level by heading over to the LifeSpa for a massage, facial, or other body and skin treatments.

Jen duran professional photo

A Perfect Day at Life Time: According to GM Jennifer Duran

My ideal day at Life Time kicks off with an early morning Dynamic Personal Training session with one of our highly certified fitness professionals. My sessions are always thoughtful, fun, and challenging, while also customized to my goals and needs — which I love. Nothing quite compares when it comes to engagement, accountability, and overall results.

After completing the session and some dynamic recovery and stretching with my trainer, I head to the locker room to spend time in the dry sauna and eucalyptus steam room before showering. This leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

My next stop is the LifeCafe for breakfast. My go-to orders are the Vegan PB&B Shake or the AVO Toast with one egg, red pepper flakes, and feta. Yum!

If this is a day when I’m “on the clock,” I’d fit in some remote work from the LifeCafe, going through emails and taking calls between casual conversations with members and team members. I love that this space is the social hub of the club!

If I’m “off the clock,” weather permitting, I’d take advantage of the roof-deck pool and amenities. I’d use our online LifeCafe ordering service and have a healthy lunch delivered poolside — I’ve really been on a Mediterranean Salad kick lately.

Around 6 p.m., if I’m feeling super motivated, I’ll jump into workout No. 2 for the day. The fitness floor is usually buzzing with energy around this time and Ultra Fit is typically my signature group training class of choice. I love the individualized attention and progressive programming delivered by our certified coaches. Class participants show up and really push each other week after week. It’s such a great community!

Alternatively, when the yoga studio is calling my name, I’d reserve a spot in Warrior Sculpt — a class that blends traditional yoga moves with heart-pumping, high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You can’t go wrong with either option!

Since this is my perfect day at Life Time, I’d end with a restorative massage in our LifeSpa. I mean, I earned it after two solid workouts, right?

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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