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Photo illustration of a tree, birds and recycling sign
  • The paper used in Experience Life magazine is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.  Please recycle this magazine.
  • We take steps to minimize production overruns and inefficiencies wherever possible. Unsold newsstand copies of our magazine are recycled.
  • You can help minimize our magazine’s impact on the planet by recycling or passing along your copy of Experience Life once you’ve finished reading it. Recycling magazines reduces the need for virgin timber and helps keep valuable natural resources out of landfills and incinerators.
  • Check with your local recycling or waste-management program — convenient magazine recycling is now available in most metropolitan areas, and many rural ones.

We also share our parent company’s commitment:

Life Time’s Commitment to a Healthy, Sustainable Way of Life

  • We recognize that our fundamental objective of empowering people to pursue a healthy way of life depends not only on helping individuals make good choices about nutrition and activity, but also on doing our part to promote healthy communities and a healthy planet.
  • At the most basic level, we understand that the health of individuals, communities and businesses all depend on clean water and air, healthy soil, and a stable climate.
  • For this reason, we are committed to conducting our business in a way that respects these connections — by continually monitoring, evaluating, and measurably improving the impacts associated with the entire lifecycle of our products, facilities and services.
  • Our efforts include a variety of evolving corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives that contribute to our company’s strong financial performance and enhance our ability to support a healthy way of life for our customers, team members, investors and other stakeholders, both now and in the future.

Check back soon for more details on our eco-efforts (we’ve got more planet-friendly ideas in the works).

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