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a person writes out their intentions for creating a meaningful life

It’s easy to get caught up in the flow of life and simply drift along without a clear destination. Daily demands sweep us away and before we know it weeks disappear, and months fly by. The accelerating pace of life keeps you so busy that if you’re not careful you can end up sacrificing what matters most — your health, your relationships and your happiness.

This is why it’s so important to have a reflection practice where you regularly check in on your life. You listen to what your heart has to say about the way you live, work and play. You listen to your inner knowing. You slow down, tune in and look for the wisdom that awaits you.

When you intentionally create your life and connect to your heart, you are able to tap into your real power, passion and purpose. You begin to feel excited, inspired and energized by your life again. You happily and fully engage in your life – stretching, growing and transforming.

You feel alive!

Setting goals is how you ensure you stay connected to what matters most. Goals direct your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. They help you to strengthen your self-awareness, live mindfully and stay inspired. They keep you focused, so you stay on track.

Setting intentional goals helps you get really clear about what you want. You look at what you value and identify what matters to you. Then, you decide where you want to advance and you do something about it.

Since it takes energy to achieve you’re goals, it’s very important that you also check in on your motivation, belief and commitment. A few basic questions will quickly surface key insights about your goals. You’ll see if it comes from a desire to grow or if it’s rooted in fear. You’ll see where things are likely to be easy. And where you’ll hit resistance.
Run each goal through this series of questions and see what comes to light-

• Why do you want it?
• Why do you believe you can achieve it?
• What are you willing to do to create it?

The Live Dynamite Intentional Creation exercise guides you through the thought process, gives you an example and provides workspace for your reflections.

Make the time this week to identify what you want to create in your life. Set one goal that excites you and take action every day to advance. Experience how much fun it is to intentionally create your life.

Get good at living™!

Maryanne O'Brien

Marianne O’Brien is the author of The Elevated Communicator: How to Master Your Style and Strengthen Well-Being at Work. Visit her online at

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